Rumor: Character for HBO's WATCHEMEN Revealed?

If you are a fan of Watchmen, be it the comic by Alan Moore or the film adaptation by Zack Snyder, you are more likely aware that HBO is doing a Watchmen TV show. Outside of some actors being part of the cast, we don’t know much about the show.  If Slashfilm is right, we now know when it takes place.

I say when because according to them, the legendary actor Jeremy Irons is playing an older Adrian Veidt also known as Ozymandias. However, their report doesn’t stop there. According to them, Jean Smart (who isn’t a stranger to comic book considering her role in Legion)

According to them, Smart is playing a character with the name of Agent Blake. If you know your Watchmen lore, Blake is the after the name for a certain vigilante called The Comedian. Time will tell if this is a homage to the character or an actual daughter of him.

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Source Slashfilm 

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