OFFICIAL: WOBAM! Entertainment Photoshop Costume Party and Giveaway

It's Thanos! No, wait... it's Grimace! No no, hold up... that's our EIC Paul Romano! Cool glove, bruh.

Hey, everybody! It's the month of tricks and treats, and we wanted to do something cool and unique for all our readers out there.

Beginning today, WOBAM! Entertainment is kicking off it's first ever photoshop costume party. I've already done some tests to see how this might go, and let me just say: the results are glorious.

So how's this gonna work? Well, it's gonna work like this:

  1. Tweet us a picture of yourself @WOBAMEnt by 11:59 PM Pacific Time, October 25th.
  2. Tell us who your favorite character is!
We'll pick it up from there and photoshop you! We'll either photoshop you as the character you give us, someone similar, or someone we think you'd look amazing as. AND, as a special bonus, each person who enters the costume party will be entered into our giveaway for a copy (1) of Batman: The Long Halloween in Paperback! We'll draw the winner and announce the results @WOBAMEnt on October 31st.

So get to sending us your pictures, folks! Y'all are gonna look fabulous when we're finished.

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