Like previously, we follow D, who gets the job to hunt down a Nobel Vampire. There isn’t often a sequel that is superior to its predecessor, but those times exist. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is such an occasion.

First of all, the animation is drop dead gorgeous. It made me miss the old school ways of animation, instead of digital drawings that we have today. Pretty much any scene in this movie could be worth put inside a frame and hang up on the wall. It got even more impressive when I realized that it was released in early 2000. One part of a time frame where a lot of anime started to look cheap and dull.

The voice acting is both dubbed and subbed (yes I watched both versions when I can, so what?), with the English dub being slightly superior in my opinion (insert pitchfork for sub only people here).

There is something that I’m punching myself over missing in my review of the sequel, and that is the main character himself. D is a class example of an angst-filled, lonely man. You know, the type of character that The Lego Movie makes fun of with its version of Batman? That type of character is rather easy to fail in the writing department. While I have seen a worse version of this archetype, I can’t say that I find D well executed in the first movie. In Bloodlust, however, it’s different.

He is still an angst-filled loner, don’t get me wrong. But there is something to the character in comparison to the first movie. The reason why he is the way he is serves a purpose in this story. You get more of a conflict here considering the overall theme of the story. In the prequel, they mention it, but the execution makes it look like it’s there just for the sake of it.

Bloodlust is a class example, of where you take what worked and left failure behind. It contains a solid character, with supporting characters that fit right in. It’s a movie that is surprisingly relevant for today, and someone that I recommend, anime fan or not. If you want to get your hands on it, you can find it on Amazon

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