Pet Shop of Horrors is a horror manga written by Matsuri Akino. This manga later got a 4 episode anime released in 1999, which is what I’m reviewing today. The story follows the mysterious Count D, who runs a pet shop in Chinatown. This pet shop sells unordinary animals, with customers often getting killed after their purchase.

The premise is what you get if a Stephen King Book and The Twilight Zone had a love child. It’s very atmospheric, which it uses to its advantage. The story comes off as a “monster of the day” (or should I say Pet of the day in this case?) with the running theme being the “relationship” between Count D and police officer Leon Orcot, who does his best to get Count D in jail.

The dynamic between the two is a classic example of “should not work,” but it does work. The voice acting on both the dub and the sub is good for an anime made in the 90s. The animation isn’t the best (just like many other animes in the 90s), but it works for the show they want to do. I will even say that they use the run of a mill quality of their animation to their advantage for the sake of the tone and atmosphere.

The show's biggest weakness is the fact that it’s four episodes long. The ending of the last episode begs the question if this series was meant to get more episodes than it originally had. How many that would be? I’m unsure. But I doubt it would be a lot more considering the manga is 41 chapters long.

However, even with the length in mind, I would say that it is worth watching if you can get your hands on it. It’s a good appetizer for a spooky marathon night.

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