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GOTHAM Season 5 Gets a Premiere Date and Expanded Episode Number

Gotham will be returning for a fifth and final season next year. Fox's DC prequel series will finalize the evolution of Batman and his iconic villains, ending with the present-day versions of the characters we all know and love. Well, we now know when the season will premiere, and we're getting a longer season than expected.

Gotham will return on Thursday, January 3rd at 8 PM EST. Not only that, but the season has gotten a larger episode order. Originally set for 10 episodes, the season will now run for 12 episodes. This brings the entire series to 100 episodes. Considering how the series finale will fast-forward to the present day and introduce Batman, having it be episode 100 is appropriate.

We still have unfinished business in #Gotham...don't miss the Final Season premiere January 3 on @FOXTV.
🦇🃏🌆🚔🐧❓ — Gotham (@Gotham) October 29, 2018

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Who is ready for the end of Gotham?
Source: TV Line

Winter Soldier-Falcon Team-Up Series in the Works at Disney Play

Recently, it was revealed that Marvel Studios is developing shows for Disney Play, the studio's forthcoming streaming service. The shows will center around Loki, Scarlet Witch, and other popular supporting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, they will bring back actors from the movies.
Now, we know of another series that is in development. Empire writer Malcolm Spellman is working on a limited series starring Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes and Falcon/Sam Wilson. It is Disney Play's first Marvel series to get a writer. Details on its plot, including where it takes place in the MCU timeline, are under wraps.
Played by Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, respectively, Bucky and Sam have been two key supporting characters in many Marvel movies, particularly the Captain America trilogy. They most recently appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, where they were both among the many casualties of Thanos' cleansing of the universe. Obviously, that isn't going to be perma…


Blood: The Last Vampire is about a mysterious girl who is transported to America to slay monsters.

This movie is an interesting one. Here here, there is no dubbed or subbed version in the more traditional scenes. Production I.G had American voice actors on top of the Japanese actors. It’s an anime where dub-only and sub-only have to bit the dust and go with it if they are interested.

I know I might sound like a broken record considering my last two reviews, but this fits here as well. The movie is gorgeous.  The studio behind it isn’t a stranger with great animation, so I can’t say that it is surprising.

But outside of the technical aspects (including the voice acting), I can’t say that Blood: The Last Vampire is that impressive. I’m not saying that this movie is overall bad because I do like it. It just boils down to the fact that it feels like the script had to take a back burner because Production I.G wanted to show off their technical skills. That’s not a bad thing, would the story …

Update on THE BATMAN's Targeted Release Date

Warner Bros. has been taking its time with The Batman under the direction of Matt Reeves. There's still a lot we don't know about this movie, but it is widely expected that Ben Affleck won't reprise the title role, and a younger actor will be cast instead. The studio never set a release date, but Reeves has shared his hope to start shooting in the spring or summer of next year. This led to fans expecting a 2020 date. Well, looks like it will be longer than that.

Our friend Mario from Revenge of the Fans is back with a new report on The Batman. According to his sources, the movie is looking at a 2021 release date. However, it could be even later than that. Why? Well, the studio is taking all the time needed to perfect the script before production. They want it to be the best movie it can be, and they are not concerned about hitting a specific release date.

Warner Bros. came under fire for rushing Suicide Squad and Justice League throughout production, so to hear that they&…

Andy Muschietti to Direct Warner Bros.' ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action Movie

Remember my post back that I wanted another attempt for a live-action Attack on Titan movie?  If not, you can find it here. Well, it looks like I might get my wish granted.

Andy Muschietti, director of IT and its upcoming sequel, is set to direct a live-action adaptation for Warner Bros. Hopefully, WB can succeed with the movie as they did with Edge of Tomorrow (minus the marketing), Bleach, and to some extent, Illang: The Wolf Brigade.

Considering the tone and horror elements that Attack of Titans contains, I think Andy Muschietti is perfect for the job!

What do you think of this choice of director? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Comment below and let us know or tweet at us at @WOBAMEnt.

Source: Variety

THE FLASH Will Bring Back Multiple Villains for Episode 100

The Flash will be hitting its 100th episode this year, and so far, details have been scarce. Unlike Arrow's 100th episode, this won't be part of any crossover event. Instead, the "Elseworlds" crossover will move to the episode after.

Now, it looks like the episode will see the return of multiple beloved Flash villains.

DC World recently met Tony Todd, aka the voice of Zoom, at MCM Comic-Con London. There, Todd revealed that he is reprising the role for The Flash's 100th episode. Not only that, but he adds that the episode will bring back the show's other speedster villains, and they all "want a piece" of Barry Allen.

The Flash has had multiple speedster villains throughout its run, but most prominent are Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Savitar. Reverse-Flash was the big bad of the first season and was also a major villain on Legends of Tomorrow. Despite being "killed" twice, Eobard Thawne keeps coming back. Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, took on Barry i…

Rumor: Marvel Planning Solo HAWKEYE Project, Plot Details Revealed

To date, four of the six original Avengers - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk - have gotten solo movies. Black Widow will soon join them, as her own movie is now in the works. But the one Avenger who hasn't gotten any kind of solo project is Hawkeye. Well, that may be about to change.

MCU Cosmic heard back in June that Marvel was considering a Hawkeye-centric project, and the site has a new update. Right now, it's unclear if this will be a movie or a show. Marvel is currently planning multiple shows for Disney Play, such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. Either way, Hawkeye is said to be in some stage of internal development, and not just an idea being considered. (For what it's worth, Hawkeye topped our wishlist of Disney Play shows last month.)

As for plot details, it sounds like the project will see Clint Barton training a new, younger archer. While unconfirmed, this is most likely Kate Bishop, who was the third Hawkeye in the comics. She and Clint co-starred in Jeff …


Like previously, we follow D, who gets the job to hunt down a Nobel Vampire. There isn’t often a sequel that is superior to its predecessor, but those times exist. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is such an occasion.

First of all, the animation is drop dead gorgeous. It made me miss the old school ways of animation, instead of digital drawings that we have today. Pretty much any scene in this movie could be worth put inside a frame and hang up on the wall. It got even more impressive when I realized that it was released in early 2000. One part of a time frame where a lot of anime started to look cheap and dull.

The voice acting is both dubbed and subbed (yes I watched both versions when I can, so what?), with the English dub being slightly superior in my opinion (insert pitchfork for sub only people here).

There is something that I’m punching myself over missing in my review of the sequel, and that is the main character himself. D is a class example of an angst-filled, lonely man. You kn…

VENOM Swings Past $500 Million at Worldwide Box Office

Despite the arrival of Halloween, Sony's Venom is still raking in money, as the superhero movie has passed a key box office milestone.

Venom has passed the $500 million mark worldwide this weekend. It added about $10.8 million domestically and $17.3 million overseas, bringing its worldwide to $508.4 million.

Right now, Venom is the 13th highest grossing movie of the year worldwide. It will open in China and Japan soon, which will only boost its overseas numbers even more. So, it is entirely possible for it to crack the top 10. And this is all on a $100 million production budget, so it is set to be a very profitable movie for Sony.

Stay tuned for more box office updates as we have them.

Source: Box Office Mojo

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5x03- "The Death of Vibe"


Anime Review : Gantz:O

I was a skeptic about this one, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to review it. Half of the sources I looked up claimed it to be horror, the other half did not. But after watching the movie, I could see the horror genre in it, so I decided to add this on this list.

Gantz:O is a CGI animated movie based on a manga called Gantz. In Gantz:O, we follow a group of people who’ve been resurrected and are forced to fight different types of monster.

This movie confuses me. It feels the need to be animated. But the animation style is like video game cinematics in most triple-A games these days. Why does it confuse me? The script comes off as the writer wrote it with live action in mind.
Putting the confusion aside, how was the movie? The movie has some top quality animation. Some of (if not the most) realistic 3D animation I’ve seen overall. The voice acting is good, although not the best I’ve heard coming from Japanese voice actors.

The story is rather straightforward and harmless. While it might be …

Review: TITANS Season 1 Episode 3

Catch up on our previous reviews here.

When a new TV show premieres, it can take several episodes for it to find it’s place while it struggles with what tone and stories it seeks to tell. Some make that jump easily, other shows take a bit longer. A few shows never survive this crucible.

Cory Anders (Anna Diop) takes the forefront here, saving Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) from the nuclear family, flambeing the Nuclear Dad (Jeff Clarke) in the process, and winning Rache’s respect by taking down a smalltime punk and his posse. They both seek answers to their own questions and hope that answering one mystery would solve the other.

The other main plotline is Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) on their trail, leaving behind Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson) at the bedside of a comatose Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly), and dwelling on his attempts to leave Wayne Manor for vengeance. His social worker (Cara Ricketts) serves as the foil for Young Dick Grayson (Tomaso Sanelli), pushing him to explain his actions…


Vampire Hunter D follows the lonely hunter D, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. A world filled with demons, werewolves, mutants and of course vampires. One day, D is forced to accept a job to slay Lee Magnus, a powerful vampire lord, in order to save a young girl that is one of Magnus latest victims.

I need to ask the readers something. Has the creator of the Castlevania games talked about his inspiration? I’m asking this because, when I was watching this, particularly at the end of it, felt like I was watching an unofficial adaptation of the game. Only to find out that the first Castlevania got released three years after this movie's source material.

But all the Castlevania questions aside, how was this movie? I can’t say it was good. I love the movies atmosphere, setting and all that comes with it. But unlike Pet Shop of Horrors, which knew how to fill its time limit (about 20 minutes), the movie is filled with filler. By filler, I mean animation that they re-use so it can…

BIRDS OF PREY Movie Recruits VENOM Cinematographer Matthew Libatique

Birds of Prey is prepping to start shooting in January, and the film is putting its team together. In addition to Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, the movie has cast Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya, with more to go. But the film is also filling out its creative team, with one notable name coming on board.

Cinematographer Matthew Libatique has confirmed to GMA News Online that he is next tackling Birds of Prey. Libatique previously did the first two Iron Man movies, as well as Sony's Venom. As for other credits, he has also worked on Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born and is a frequent collaborator of director Darren Aronofsky.

Libatique shares his excitement for Birds of Prey, but adds that that's likely not the final title of the movie. "I'm in preparation on a film currently called Birds of Prey. It's probably going to have a different title. It’s with Warner Brothers, and the director is Cathy Yen. Who directed a film called Dead Pigs which is a Chi…