RUMOR: Lady Gaga Courted for BIRDS OF PREY

Birds of Prey is one of the many DC Comics movies Warner Brothers currently has in production with Walter Hamada in the helm. According to DanielRPK from SuperBroMovies, Warner Brothers wants Lady Gaga to takea role in the movie. This was later backed up by Mario from Revenge of the Fans, where he talked about it in the latest podcast episode for The Fanboy Podcast.

A lot of it has appeared to do with her performance in the upcoming A Star is Born, which Warner Brothers produced. According to both sources, Lady Gaga apparently brings a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination.

With that in mind, we wanna know your thoughts. Do you hope she joins the movie? Which role do you see her in the most? Comment below and let us know or tweet us, @WOBAMEnt.

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