Luffy and his friends are on their way to Gran Tesoro. The largest entertainment city in the world. But what was meant to be a lot of fun, soon escalates to a lot of troubles. Golden troubles.

One Piece is one of these IPs that is a trip and a half (but In a positive way). The movie is a worthy installation in this juggernaut of a franchise. It’s a fever dream of colors action and pure insanity just like a good One Piece script should be. Like the yesterday's review, it would benefit you to watch the anime if you want to watch it, but I find this being an “easier” sit for newbies that know nothing about this crazy adventures.

The voice acting is as insane as the entire movie (which is a good thing). Having a role in One Piece has to be a blast as a voice actor just for the sheer insanity you are allowed to bring. One Piece Gold is one of the time where this franchise has looked at it’s best when it comes to animation form. But then again, Toei animation spend more animation budget on their movies then their shows. While I do enjoy the manga and anime, the latter one isn’t known for having great animation. It has been better over time, but it still not on par with stuff that Madhouse produces for example.

If you are a fan of the straw hats, this a movie for you. And for you that wonder if I’m going to cover more One Piece down the line. Games and other movies are more than likely, but the anime/manga? I seriously doubt it just because I wouldn’t be able to catch up until months of binge watching.

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