Cameron Cuffe Previews Lobo's Role in KRYPTON

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Lobo is coming to Krypton! The show and the planet will get to meet Lobo in his live action debut, and Cameron Cuffe(Seg-El) being the star previewed just how difficult that will be for the Krypton team, but also why it is worth it.

"We're really excited to work with Lobo because in the comics he's such a broad character, he's an almost ridiculous character and like some people would say how's he going to work with the tone of the show," Cuffe said. "That's a challenge we're really excited to work with and I think Seg's going to be spending a lot of time with him which will be cool."

So it sounds like Seg-El will be spending a good amount of time with Lobo. Wonder where they'll meet? Cuffe does say there is a time jump between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere, so it could be anywhere. Guess we'll see! But to me, it sounds like Lobo will bring an insane element to this show, so this could be very intriguing!

Source: Comicbook

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