Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 2

Season two starts off where the last season ended. Eren Jaeger and his friends are still at war with the humanoid eating Titans. It doesn’t get any easier as more mysteries and enemies are discovered along the way

With season one's massive popularity, you would think that season two would have been right around the corner. But unfortunately, we all had to wait four years before we could continue the animated adventures of Eren Jaeger and his friends.

The second season starts off with a short recap of the first season before picking back up where it left off and going full. Just like before, this season is truly a nail biter, both with the action and story. I would even go so far as to say that season two is better than season one.

The animation is spectacular, using mixtures of 3D and 2D animation perfectly. The action scenes are even better than before. The voice work is fantastic, with the only gripes being that you can notice a change in their voices, which makes sense being four years have passed since season 1. Something that might feel like nitpicky, however since the season doesn’t start with a time skip, it does feel weird (but maybe that’s just me.)

The biggest weakness this season has, is also to some degree its biggest strength. Unlike the previous season with its 25 episodes, season two is 12 episodes long. It helps the season to be more “tight” in its storytelling, and avoid the fluff. But it's also is a big hurdle because it doesn’t give season 2 the chance to progress, like the first season did.

I give season 2 a 9/10!

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