Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action (Part One)

If your franchise gets popular enough, a live-action treatment is bound to happen. This movie is the first part of a live-action adaptation of the titan-sized franchise that I have posted about for the last four days. The synopsis goes like season one of the anime; we follow the likes of Eren Jaeger and his friend's training so that they can be apart of the army that fights against the Titans, humanoid monsters who feeds on people like they were strawberries on a bush.

I was first thinking of doing a video review for this movie. If I did that, you would have me sit there in chock, and an “X hours later joke” from Spongebob. After that, I would tell every PG-13 version of the F word there is in the book before the review would start properly.

I don’t like this movie what so ever. It was as bad as the likes of Dragon Ball Evolution and the live-action adaptation of Kite. While watching it, it felt like the scriptwriter took just the basic idea of the story, but put the Junior High version of the characters that got included. No scrap that, even Junior High was more respectful

I say “got included” because not every character are in this movie. It would have been one thing if these where side characters like Tom Bombadil that got cut from Lord of the Rings. This live-action adaptation scraps main characters, where all of them serves as a key to the overall plot.

This movie is extremely ugly to watch. Yes, I know that Japan doesn't have the same budget and assets that Hollywood have. However, even if the likes of the live action Full Metal Alchemist movie or the Rurouni Kenshin movie do not have some top their special effects, they do not feel like a chore to watch. The look makes me wonder if this is a low-budget fan film because most fan films look better then this.

If there anything that can give this movie credit for, then it is the actors. They clearly did their best of what they could with this so-called script.

I give this adaptation 1/10 Titans.

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