ONE PIECE Live Action TV Show Gets a Writer

In 2017, we got the announcement that One Piece was getting a live-action treatment from the creators of Prison Break. Since then, it has been silent like a crowd during an Adam Sandler comedy show.

Today, we have got some information. According to one individual from the editor's office, a writer has been hired and more info will be announced later this year.

As a fan of this source material, I will give this a chance (and probably review it once it is out) but I can’t say that I’m hyped about it. How Loney Tunes meets Pirates of the Caribbean on crack is possible with live action is beyond me. The creator is apparently behind this project so who knows.

But what do you think of the notion that One Piece is getting the live-action treatment? Comment below and let us know or tweet us at @WOBAMEnt.

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