JOKER Casting Breakdown Reveals New Character

According to GWW/Omega Underground, we have some new information about the upcoming Joker movie. Information about a character called Mr Warner.

“MR. WARNER Supporting Male (60-70) [MR. WARNER] male, Caucasian, 60s, a deeply-tanned, hair dyed so black it was almost blue, highly successful, New York City businessman, rumored to be running for Mayor. He’s a public figure in the city and a symbol of wealth [STRONG SUPPORTING]”

While this isn’t any form of confirmation, it's possible that this character is Rupert Thorne, a former businessman turned corrupt politician. 
Ruper Thorne is a villain having his first appearance in Detective Comics #469. He is also a recurring villain in Batman: The Animated Series, and one of the villains in the movie Mystery of the Batwoman.

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