IRON FIST Season 2 Episode Count is Shorter than Usual for Marvel Netflix Shows

For the past few days, the Iron Fist Twitter account has sent out one tweet per day revealing an episode title from the show's second season. Well, the tweets have ended, and they reveal something very interesting about the new season.

Iron Fist season two will only have 10 episodes. With the exception of The Defenders (which ran for 8 episodes), this is the shortest Marvel Netflix season yet. Every season from the other five shows ran for 13 episodes. No reason was given why they have a shorter season, but a common complaint for these shows is the pacing across 13 episodes, so hopefully that'll help Iron Fist.

Here are the episodes titles for the new season, and stay tuned for more as we have it. Iron Fist returns on September 7th on Netflix.
  1. The Fury of the Iron Fist
  2. The City’s Not For Burning
  3. This Deadly Secret
  4. Target: Iron Fist
  5. Heart of the Dragon
  6. The Dragon Dies At Dawn
  7. Morning of the Mindstorm
  8. Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance
  9. War Without End
  10. A Duel of Iron

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