FEATURE: The Wrestling Streaming World Tour Part Three

FEATURE: The Wrestling Streaming World Tour Part Three

The UK and European Scene

When I was a kid watching wrestling and a wrestler showed up from Europe in general or especially the UK I knew one thing, this person was going to beat the hell out of people.  You need not look any further than Stephen “William” Regal and Fit Finlay to see why.  

The European style is often referred to as Strong Style, which means there’s less high-flying and more striking and submission holds.  Strong Style wrestlers often gain a reputation as being especially tough.

In the late nineties and early 2000s the scene went through some down years but has enjoyed a renaissance in the 2010s and that can be credited in large part to three big promotions in the UK:  Revolution Pro Wrestling, PROGRESS and Insane Championship Wrestling.

Revolution Pro Wrestling or Rev-Pro is actually one of the younger promotions on the scene but under the leadership of Andy and Quildan and Andy Simmonz they’ve quickly found prominence.  It didn’t hurt that they were able to build working relationships with ROH, CMLL and New Japan (There’s that name again, you’ll see why when we talk about Japan.) But where Rev-Pro really were able to get their foothold was by building around British Sensation, Zack Sabre jr.  Rev Pro runs an on-demand service here.

Then there’s another newcomer that took the world by storm, PROGRESS.  Progress bills themselves as the “Punk Rock of Pro Wrestling” and it could be argued that the resurgence of pro-wrestling in England started with them.  Most of their shows are run out of London and they really do boast a who’s who of not just UK Wrestlers but wrestlers from all over.  Some of the bigger names that have called Progress home are former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champions Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll, the a fore mentioned Zack Sabre jr and current WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne.

Progress’ runs a service called Demand Progress, and I can tell you it’s one of the better services out there not just for streaming but there’s a great back catalogue of fantastic wrestling.

Heading north from London we can turn our attention to Insane Championship Wrestling.  Not to be confused with Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the company ran by the Insane Clown Posse (I’m dead serious,) ICW comes out of Glasgow.  They’re actually one of the older promotions on the scene and they boast not only impressive wrestling but a lot of familiar names.  Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Tommy End (now NXT Champion Aleister Black) and even Triple H have appeared in ICW.  They can be found primarily on their streaming service, ICW on Demand.

Lastly, while I am a big dumb American, I know enough geography to know Germany is not in England but I did say Europe and that’s brings us to Westside Xtreme Wrestling.  Don’t let the “Xtreme” fool you, WXW is not stuck in the nineties like far too many promotions and they boast an impressive top guy in Walter “WALTER” Hahn.  Hahn is one of the best super-heavyweights (wrestlers over 265 pounds but more often meaning wrestlers over 300 pounds.)  WALTER is a beast, and he works a very, very strong style (his chops have been known to bust people open!)  WXW offers wXwNOW.

It’s time to leave Europe behind and continue east, but I saved the best for last as we finish up in the Land of the Rising Sun in Part Four.

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