FEATURE: The Wrestling Streaming World Tour Part One

This is the beginning of a series entitled "How WOBAM Spends Their Summer Vacation" where we introduce you to some fandoms outside of our usual scope.  Keep Checking in for More!

The Wrestling Streaming World Tour:
Why Now is the perfect time to get into Professional Wrestling outside of WWE.

It’s the summer. 

All your favorite TV shows are on summer hiatus.

The next Comic Book Movie is Ant-Man 2 in July.

But you’re looking for something to whet your geeky appetite for longer than two hours.  Well, your old Uncle Jason has something he thinks you should try.  Come over here, let’s have a talk.

I’ve made my love for Professional Wrestling no secret in my Flash reviews.  I’ve mocked Roman Reigns, used Broken Hardy Gifs, mocked John Cena, expressed my love for Naito-san and of course… Mocked Roman Reigns.

I love Professional Wrestling and have loved it since nine year old Jason first saw Macho Man Randy Savage talk about being The Cream of the Crop. I was in college during the era of Austin, and WCW vs the NWO and watched it all go down week to week.  I’ve been hooked pretty much constantly on this great place where sports and storytelling and art meet. 

For a long time, that meant a lot of WWF/WWE.  Sure, I would go to the occasional indie show, and I had more than a couple bootlegged episodes of World Class and a couple of Great Muta compilations I spent more money on than I should have. In recent years two things have changed to make enjoying wrestling so much more enjoyable.  The first is the wrestling renaissance in the UK and Japan and the second is streaming!

Streaming has made it easier than ever to be a wrestling fan, and I’m not just talking about the WWE Network.  In fact, you can be completely immersed in this, watch the best wrestlers in the world seven days a week and never watch one second of Raw, Smackdown or NXT and I’m going to show you with a world tour.


So what do you like?  Are you into quick paced athletics and acrobatics with a little bit of bombastic melodrama?  You’re here at WOBAM so chances are you like heroic figures in masks.  Let’s start with Lucha.  Lucha isn’t exactly my thing but I make a point of trying to never judge another person’s wrestling tastes (Unless you’re a Big Cass fan. Gross!) so it could be for you.

The best place to dip your toes into Lucha is Lucha Underground.  (El Rey Wednesday 8/7pCentral) 

Think of this as something of an all-star promotion with a side of soap opera.  There’s ongoing storylines, the wrestling is good and most of the people on the show work in other promotions so you can find who you like and follow them other places.

But the real big dogs of Mexican wrestling is CMLL and AAA.  CMLL is classic, straight forward Lucha and is known by the nickname “The Serious and the Stable.”  Not only do they have some of the greatest talent in Mexico but they’ve cultivated many working agreements with companies like Ring of Honor in the US and New Japan Pro Wrestling (We’ll get to both of them later.)  They don’t have a streaming service but they do put their weekly television show on YouTube.

AAA started in 1992 as a breakaway promotion from CMLL and quickly gained prominence because they took most of CMLL’s younger talent at the time, most notably Rey Mysterio jr.  AAA is more likely to get gimmicky than CMLL and like CMLL, they don’t have a streaming service rather a Twitch Channel that they show new and classic content on.

With that starting point, let’s head back north of the border for part two.

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