FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4x23- "We Are the Flash"

The Flash (4x23)- "We Are the Flash "
Written by:          Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace
Directed by:        David McWhirter
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends…" -William Shakespeare, Henry the V, Act III
Another season comes to a close.
Another climatic battle for the souls of men and the cause of freedom; this time quite literally as the Thinker intended to use his powers and the combined intellect of himself and the Speed Force through Barry to reeducate mankind without that pesky free will.  After three seasons of villains trying to destroy time and space, it's kind of refreshing for the villain to only want to rule us with an iron fist.
Most of that big battle took place within the Thinker's mind and allowed us to bring Ralph back from the dead.  Not terribly surprising since they'd later go on to paraphrase Wrath of Khan and Star Trek practically invented the end of episode/season reset button to get out of a character death, also since I'd grown to like Ralph I'm happy to play along.
Like previous seasons this episodes left us with hints at the future.  Singh offering Barry his job back, Wally being at peace with himself and the birth of Joe and Cecile's daughter but there were several I see as pretty important.
First when Cecile showed us a hint of what's going on in Caitlin's head and what the meaning of her repressed memory of Killer Frost might mean.  Second is the now traditional departure of a Harrison Wells as with his now normal intellect Harry doesn't seem to want to stay and help Team Flash anymore.
Then of course there's the BIG hook for next season.  Nora Allen.  She is the time travelling speedster daughter of Barry and Iris, she help Barry take care of the crashing satellite and she's "made a big, big mistake."  I assume this means she will be a large part of at least the first act of Season Five.
All said and done it was a pretty satisfying season finale, even if it felt a bit uninspired.  This brings up two big questions:
How was this season as a whole?
Did they correct the slide they had in Season Three? 
I think the answer to both is yes.  They didn't reach the heights of Season Two but they told a story I enjoyed and the characters they introduced didn't throw a wrench in the cast's chemistry and in the case of Hartley Sawyer, I grew to genuinely like.  I hated the villain for the right reasons and felt I'm looking forward to see where our heroes go next so yes, it was a good season.
That was just a bit too padded in places. 
I suppose this is our good-bye for now but like Grant and the gang I'll be back and hopefully I'll figure out how to keep the reviews short but still bring back some of our favorite review memes: Good News/Bad News is too cruel a mistress to fall into the ashes of history.

Things We Learned:
  1. The Thinker has been defeated, Barry's suspension from the CCPD is over and Harry's mind has been restored.
  2. Ralph has also regained control of his body.
  3. Marlize has been allowed to go free.
  4. Cisco and Harry like Wrath of Khan (The Motion Picture is still better!)
  5. Iris doesn't know the difference between Trek and Wars. (I told you Patty was the better woman for Barry!)
  6. Barry and Iris' daughter from the future has revealed herself to the team.
  1. Why did Nora come back in time?
  2. Why hasn't she left?
  3. Is she stuck in the present?
  4. What did Caitlin do using her powers as a child that forced her to repress the memory?
  5. Who is Thomas?
  6. Will Harry's intellect return?
  7. Will Harry return?
  8. Will Wally return?
  9. Last but not least, did Ralph retain all those powers DaVoe slammed into his body?

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