FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4x20- "Therefore She Is"

The Flash (4x20) - "Therefore She Is"
Written by:         Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound
Directed by:       Rob J Greenlea

After a flashback to the “meet-cute” between idealistic engineer Marlize and already on the road to smug villainy Clifford, we see the DaVoes are on the brink of The Enlightenment.  This kicks off a series of flashbacks to show how far Clifford’s falling from grace in her mind.

After the title card there’s a couple scenes to establish that there’s relationship problems between Cisco and Gypsy, Cisco and Harry are trying to get Killer Frost back and that Harry’s deteriorating rather quickly and it’s time to actually tell the gang exactly how screwed Harry is.

Things are looking pretty bad and Team Flash really needs a win.  That’s a problem since Clifford is gathering Alloy 1771 and even better he’s no longer interested in keeping the body count down.  (I suppose if you’ve already murdered nearly a dozen people what’s a nameless security guard matter?)

Time to get help and of course it would have to be Gypsy, that way the team can fail some more AND Cisco can confront his relationship problems.  Meanwhile, Joe enlists Harry’s help in distracting Cecile so he can do something, and with the Cecile and Harry scenes we see that Harry’s knowledge is there it’s harder for him to access it which would confirm Cisco’s prognosis that they can help Harry before he’s nothing more than a drooling idiot.

On the bright side, all the chaos on the team points Barry to the idea that Clifford’s isn’t building one device but a series of devices to work in concert with each other.  Which means they need a super-duper computer like the kind that was just booted up at Mercury Labs. 

They manage to show up as Clifford is stealing the computers but since the team isn’t in sync he still manages to get the better of them and it nearly costs Gypsy her life if not for Marlize starting to lose her nerve.  In fact, she decides to leave Clifford behind with the Thinker’s chair and I’m sure that will come into play.

All said and done it’s not a great for Team Flash as a whole but Cisco gets the worst of the draw since he and Gypsy break up.  The only real bright side is that they finally know what the Enlightenment is.  It’s Clifford’s plan to reboot the brains of every person on the planet.

We also see what Joe had Harry distract Cecile for, her baby shower and what better time than a baby shower for a visit from the “Mystery Girl” and she’s definitely a speedster with gold and purple lightning.

As I’ve explained in previous reviews, I long ago separated myself from the fan community in an effort to not simple parrot what everyone else was saying in my reviews so I don’t really know where the rest of the fan community falls of the number of episodes per season debate.  But episodes like this one really drive home for me the logic of shorter seasons leading to better storytelling.

To be honest, the last two episodes could easily been condensed to one episode and we’d have lost very little.  I’ve enjoy this season as a whole, I like the story being told and I like the characters but some of the episodes are little more than filler and this was one of them.  Therefore I have to judge it accordingly.

Three Things We Learned This Week:

1)      It’s possible to save Harry’s intelligence.
2)      We finally know what The Enlightenment is.
3)      Barry and Iris’ time traveling daughter is also a Speedster.

Three Questions:

1)      But why is she here?
2)      Will Marlize help Team Flash stop her husband or try to reap the rewards for herself?
3)      How many tech labs are there in Central City anyway?

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