FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4x19- "Fury Rogue"

The Flash (4x19) - "Fury Rogue"
Written by:         Jeff Hersh & Josh Gilbert
Directed by:       Rachel Talalay

So I know I’m late but I have a job that sometimes requires me to stay in hotels for weeks at a time… Hotels with limited cable packages… and poor Wi-Fi speed that keep me from streaming… So really if you think about it I’m not late, YOU are and YOU owe ME an apology-

Don’t worry about it, it’s forgiven.

Anyway, Fury Rogue. Why don’t we shake things up with a game of Good News/Bad News!

Bad news, I guess I forgot about Fallout because it turns out DaVoe has completed his set of Bus Metas.

Worse news! Harry is forgetting things.  Lots of things- All the things, even!  It seems that his fun with the Thinking Cap with a Dark Matter chaser is wiping out his brain and he’s doomed to be dumber than this person:

Even worse news than that! DaVoe didn’t forget about Fallout and he’s going after them.  So Team Flash has to scramble which means... 

Good News! Time for a crossover to Earth X to get help from Leo Snart aka Citizen Cold.

But this game isn’t over, so for the cherry on top EVEN WORSE news than that! Earth X Black Siren sneaks over to Earth One and decides that while the best revenge is living well, the second best revenge is stealing Fallout and using him to nuke Central City…

(Why do I keep playing this game? I’m worse at this than I am at Fantasy Football)

Anyway, Team Flash have to move Fallout for Dr Brand’s Lab to a “secure” ARGUS Facility and who should show up but DaVoe!  With all his fancy new Ralph Powers and Barry has a bout of crippling guilt that causes everything to go to hell and then get even worse when Black Siren shows up and takes Fallout as well as Joe and Caitlin!

But we all know that to make the show fit for the CW’s core audience, the comic story stuff is usually window dressing for some emotional lesson.  This week it’s Snart trying to help Barry work through his grief and guilt over the death of Ralph and he can’t defeat Black Siren without doing it. 

Once that’s done and Joe and Barry have a heart-to-heart in his old CSI Loft it’s time to wrap things up.  Snart returns to Earth X to get married with a breaching device from Cisco that will get him back to Earth One if he needs to come back.  I assume Siren is in some form of custody in case they need to bring Katie Cassidy and Fallout is in ARGUS custody to… be captured by DaVoe.

Lastly, Cisco tries to convince Harry to tell the team about his brain deterioration and get their help.

This was all very paint by numbers, nothing all that special from start to finish.  Which is pretty much all I can say about this episode, it filled an hour of TV and had enough moments to keep me from folding my arms and sighing in annoyance but that’s about it.  Hope the next episode (which I will watch immediately after posting this) will be better.

Three Things We Learned This Week:

1)      The accident with dark matter exposure is wiping out Harry’s mind.
2)      There is a chance Caitlin can rekindle her powers.
3)      The Nazi regime on Earth X is still fighting back but is mostly defeated.

Three Questions:

1)      Will Marlize be able to break free of Clifford or will he put the whammy on her again?
2)      Will ARGUS make use of their walking nuke?
3)      Where is Siren-X?

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