DEADPOOL 2 Wins the Weekend with Estimated $125 Million Opening

Deadpool 2 finally opened in theaters this weekend, earning mostly positive reviews from fans and critics. While the film has generated good word-of-mouth and had a big opening, it was a little smaller than expected.

Per THR, Deadpool 2 opened with an estimated $125 million, easily beating Avengers: Infinity War (which grossed $28.7 million this weekend). The sequel was originally tracking for somewhere in the $130-150 million range, but its Saturday gross was lower than anticipated. Also, this puts it behind the original Deadpool, which opened to $132.4 in 2016. Nevertheless, this is the second-biggest R-rated opening in domestic history, and it's the third biggest opening of the year so far (behind Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther).

Overseas, Deadpool 2 is even better. It opened with about $176 million, and that's without China. This is not only 20th Century Fox' biggest opening internationally, but it's also the biggest R-rated overseas debut in history. This brings the movie's worldwide opening to $301 million.

The production budget is $110 million, which is nearly double the first movie's budget, but still a lot smaller than most superhero movies nowadays. So, despite having a slightly smaller opening than the first one, Deadpool 2 will be another super-profitable film for Fox.

Stay tuned for more box office updates as we have them.

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