FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4x18- "Lose Yourself"

The Flash (4x18)- "Lose Yourself"
Written by:          Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza
Directed by:        Hanelle M Culpepper
This week's episode features the search for Edwin Gauss aka The Folded Man.  Gauss has been reimagined as a hippy teleporter and that makes him incredibly important to DaVoe since it would mean he could teleport even without his chair and for Team Flash since he uses Pocket Dimensions and that would get them into DaVoe's lair.
But that's really just the window dressing since the primary thrust of this episode is the eternal hero's debate in comics: To Kill vs Not to Kill.  Ralph is very much in the kill camp as he thinks the only good Thinker is a dead Thinker.  Unsurprisingly, Barry has been down this road before and he knows from experience that killing the villain causes as many if not more problems than it solves.
I thought this was handled very well, so many times when the title character is in conflict with someone we're shown the argument only from the title character's point of view.  In this case, both Barry and Ralph are presented in a sympathetic manner.
Really this is Ralph's time to shine; he's completed his hero's journey and is in command of his abilities and confident it who he has become.  Just in time for the DaVoes to attack the Lab and kick the team's asses.  Marlize beats Iris in a fight (though she has a cool moment where she stabs herself with Marlize's sword to get to her.) Harry takes himself out trying to supercharge his thinking cap with Dark Matter and DaVoe gets his hands on all the bus metas… Including Ralph.
With Ralph's body, his powers and training as well as the others DaVoe is now powerful enough to contain the dark matter that was destroying all his previous hosts and he escapes after taking Caitlin's powers away.
Even better, DaVoe has siphoned Dark Matter from the accelerator and he plans to use it to start the Enlightenment and kill Team Flash in one stroke…
I guess this is the end of Act II because it certainly feels like a low point.  This was a good episode, I was a bit surprised that they killed off Ralph, I had been expecting it in the final two or three episodes but this felt a bit early.  So early it feels like a bit of a feint and I'm expecting Ralph to come back in the end now.
I didn't really discuss the B-plot of Joe confronting Harry on his addiction to the Thinking Cap.  Mostly because nothing was really settled with it and if it wasn't just something for this episode I hope for it to go somewhere down the line and not as just another "addiction is bad" story.
Like I said, good episode.  Not "great" or even "really good" just "good."  A sold B- or if I were to use a five star scale…

Things We Learned:
  1. Cisco has built a weapon using sound to defeat DaVoe.
  2. DaVoe has absorbed all the Bus Metas, including Ralph, which allowed him to resume his original form.
  3. Caitlin is free of Killer Frost… Just when that was no longer what she wanted.
  1. What is going to happen to Harry after the Thinking Cap overload?
  2. Can Caitlin get her powers back?
  3. I've been incredibly patient so when are they going to tell us what the Hell the Enlightenment is?

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