FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4x13- "True Colors"

The Flash (4x13) - "True Colors"
Written by:         Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza
Directed by:       Tara Nicole Weyr

OKAY!  So, Barry’s still in jail and I checked with my handy-dandy “TV Tropes for Idiots” guide and went through the checklist:

1)      Barry’s “seen life on the inside.”
2)      He’s “been bullied and made friends with the gruff inmate with a heart of gold.”
3)      He’s helped “free an innocent man.”
That means it’s time to:
4)      “Make a failed escape attempt but you’re friends get you out on an appeal.”

I know I’m simplifying the plot to some tropes and clichés but TV is built on tropes and clichés so it really only matters what they do with them.  It’s time to see if they took a cliché and made it their own.

So when we left off last week, Warden Wolfe had caught Barry using his powers and put him in the meta wing with the other bus metas for the purposes of selling them to Amunet.

This could be trouble for Barry.

As I’ve come to expect, Katee Sackhoff comes in and chews the scenery while establishing that Barry is indeed in trouble.

Cut over to Ralph meeting one of his old friends that gives Ralph his psychological complex for the week: That he lets people down when they need him but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Speaking of problems, Cecile and Iris go to Iron Heights to visit Barry but no dice, Wolfe gives them an excuse of Barry getting caught up in a fight that left him in the infirmary but fortunately Cecile is a telepath right now. Which means that her powers are good for more than just making Joe uncomfortable.  They tell the gang and now it’s really, really, REALLY important they get Barry out of jail.

But the best part is, they’re kinda screwed. They can’t go to Singh ‘cause they’re compromised by being Barry’s family. Cisco cant break Barry out because he’s in the meta wing and Harry is on Earth 2 and probably took the key to his personal stash of BFGs.

Good thing Ralph turned in some more XP and leveled up his shape shifting powers by adding mimicry.  (Remember kids, never horde the XP even if you’re just buy a few points of damage reduction you never know when you’ll need it.)

So now they have a plan, have Ralph pose as Warden Wolfe and try to tank the deal he has with Amunet.

That squared away, let’s check in with Barry.  He’s got a pretty good idea of how screwed they are so he tries to rally the metas into working together to escape. 

With a little unwitting help from the prison plumber, Barry sciences them out of their cells and they escape into the tunnels under the prison.  Meanwhile Ralph’s successfully copied Wolfe’s appearance but there’s a trade-off that leaves him uncoordinated.

Pretty much most of the next act is basically, Barry escapes and Ralph plays dress-up so maybe we should check in with the DaVoes.  It seems that they’re upgrading Cliff’s chair to do… something and while everything seems fine. Some cracks might be forming in their marital unity. Marlize has taken filling her head with music in the hopes of keeping Cliff out of her head. (One of these days there will be honest to God telepaths and we’ll all be so embarrassed if that doesn’t work.)

At Amunet’s bar, Ralph’s playing Wolfe to mixed results. (Don’t get too down on yourself Ralph, it was your first time.) But on the bright side he gets out with his  skin intact, and unknown to Team Flash it casts suspicion on the real Wolfe and probably forced some sort of Act III confrontation between Wolfe and Amunet.

Speaking of Act III, Barry has successfully lead the bus metas out of the Meta Wing and into the gen-pop wing of the prison so I think it’s time to play America’s favorite re-capping game: 

Good News!  Barry and company have their powers back.

Bad News! They don’t get too far because Wolfe’s on the scene.

More Bad News! He throws a big fat wrench into their unity by outing Barry as the Flash and…

Even MORE Bad News! Amunet’s here too but that’s okay because…

Good News! Barry’s spent the episode winning over Beck Sharpe and she uses luck powers to save Barry and her from Wolfe, the other metas and Amunet!  (Hey, I think we might win this one!)

Just kidding!  Worst News!  The think shows up and it turns out they modified the chair to pull off his mind swap/power steal thing and he kills all the bus metas before taking over Becky’s body and escaping.  Becky!DaVoe even kills Warden Wolfe while “her” wife watches.

So what’s the reward for another loss at GN/BN? Well, with everyone dead Barry’s reverting to stupidly noble and refuses to break out of jail.

But remember what I said at the start?

“Make a failed escape attempt but you’re friends get you out on an appeal.”

Ralph poses as Clifford DaVoe and since the guy Barry murdered is right there in front of the judge saying someone framed Barry for his murder and crazier stuff’s happened in Central City. I guess they’re going to let him.

Hooray! Legal trickery works again! USA! USA!

But Team Flash has all sorts of problems and Ralph Dibny has probably become the most important man in Central City because he’s the only surviving Bus-meta they know right now.

Barry and the team aren’t the only ones with problems. The trust between “Clifford” and Marlize is pretty much nuked and he has to use the Weeper’s powers to bring her back in line so he can move on with The Enlightenment.

Bring on the Country Music episode!

So, I simplified the episode down to some tropes and clichés at the start of the review but like I said: “It really only matters what they do with them.”

All things said and done, they did a good job.  This was less about the story and more about moving characters around and preparing them for the final act.  So, I’m fine with the standard jail break stuff because the characters were satisfying.  (Though I will say, Ralph’s lack of confidence is starting to feel a bit repetitive.)

Also, we’ve seen Clifford taking more and more steps beyond the line so it’s pretty much a lock he won’t be redeemed at the end and more than likely not surviving the season either.

Katee Sackhoff’s clearly having fun chewing the scenery, the producers seem happy to let her and I’m fine with it too.

So it was a good episode.

Three Things We Learned This Week:

1)      Barry’s been cleared of murder.
2)      The bus-meta are seemingly about Clifford gain powers and might be the key to The Enlightenment.
3)      Ralph’s control over his powers are still growing.

Three Unanswered Questions:

1)      Will Clifford have to continually dose Marlize to keep her in line or was this a permanent whammy?
2)      Can Barry get his job back? Even though he was framed, he’s now something of a liability for the City’s ability to prosecute people.
3)      Will we see Amunet again?

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