Confirmed: KRYPTON is Not Set in the DC Films Universe

Early on in development of Krypton, fans speculated that the SyFy series would be a prequel to Man of Steel and, thus, the greater DC Films Universe. This was fueled by writer/producer David Goyer saying that the show takes place 200 years before Man of Steel, along with some visuals in the trailer that looked similar to the movie. However, turns out there is no real connection.

ComicBook has confirmed with SyFy that Krypton will not take place in DC Films' shared universe. Also, don't expect it to connect to other Superman-related projects, such as The CW's Supergirl. It is very much its own thing.

With Krypton in its own universe, it has the freedom to tell its own version of the Superman mythos without relying on the continuity of other adaptations. Hopefully, that will help it tell high-quality stories throughout its run.

Krypton will premiere on Wednesday, March 21st on SyFy.

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