Wonder Woman Will Reportedly Appear in the FLASHPOINT Movie

A few weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. revealed that The Flash movie has been titled Flashpoint, based on the epic comic book arc of the same name. The original arc featured many other heroes from the DC Universe, so it's so much more than merely a Flash story. Today's news suggests that the movie will be the same.

Forbes has published an in-depth article about the huge box office success of Wonder Woman, which will cross $400 million domestically in a matter of days. But the article also offers some tidbits on Wonder Woman's cinematic future.

According to the site, Gal Gadot's Diana Prince is expected to return for Flashpoint, a Flash story featuring "several" other DC superheroes. (This can be compared to Captain America: Civil War, which was a Captain America movie but heavily involving other Avengers.) Flashpoint is now targeting a 2020 release date. This comes after Wonder Woman's appearance in Justice League this fall and her standalone sequel in 2019.

Those who are familiar with the "Flashpoint" comic shouldn't be shocked to hear this news. In the original story, Diana led Themyscira to battle against Aquaman and the Atlanteans, in a war that threatens the planet's existence. The war is a result of Diana and Arthur Curry have an affair, and when Mera attempts to assassinate her, Diana decapitates her.

It's unknown how much of that will be adapted into the movie, but it sounds like Flashpoint will also feature an ensemble of heroes - something that wasn't explored in The Flash television show's adaptation. Now, how long until Jeffery Dean Morgan joins the cast as Thomas Wayne?

For Forbes' full article on Wonder Woman's box office success, click HERE.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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