Joe Morton Talks CYBORG Movie and the Relationship Between Victor and Silas Stone

We briefly met Dr. Silas Stone (played by Joe Morton) in the Justice League cameo montage in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he was recording his efforts to save his son, Victor. The clip ended with a first glimpse of Victor's transformation into Cyborg. Dr. Stone will be returning in this fall's Justice League and the eventual Cyborg movie.

In an interview with Comic Book Movie, Morton discusses the on-screen relationship between Victor and Dr. Stone. Basically, Victor blames his father for his transformation into Cyborg, making it very difficult (if not impossible) for him to lead a normal life. "...Victor sort of feels like, 'Yes you saved my life, but look what you made me look like. I can’t go out and be a regular person.' He has no alias, nothing to hide behind. So what I think is great about that idea is you begin, in a metaphoric way, sort of talking about what it means to be 'the other' in society. Even if you have something tremendous to contribute to society, the first thing that most social situations will do is ostracize you because you look different because they don’t know who or what you are. So I think that’s a big deal in this film for that character, and for Silas, and makes for interesting film making."

Morton also confirms that, "As far as I know," the Cyborg movie is still happening, and he should start work on it in 2020. The film wasn't mentioned at Warner Bros.' San Diego Comic-Con panel last month, which led fans to speculate whether it was still happening in the near future.

Additionally, Morton verifies that he signed a three-movie contract to play Dr. Stone - Batman v Superman, Justice League, and Cyborg. He also reaffirms that everyone hopes Justice League will be as successful as Wonder Woman, which will allow future films to come along smoothly.

For Morton's comments on how he landed the role of Dr. Stone, click HERE.

We'll be formally meeting Cyborg in Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17th.

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