Warner Bros. Considering Mel Gibson and Other Directors for SUICIDE SQUAD 2

Last year, it was reported that Warner Bros. was developing a sequel to DC Films' Suicide Squad. It was expected that David Ayer would return to direct. Since then, Suicide Squad became a big box office hit, so a sequel seemed inevitable. However, Ayer has moved on to direct spin-off Gotham City Sirens instead. So, who will tackle Task Force X's next movie?

According to both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is considering none other than Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2. The actor-director is said to be familiarizing himself with the source material. This news comes as Gibson's latest directorial effort, Hacksaw Ridge, is garnering awards attention with six Oscar nominations.

However, an offer has yet to be made, and WB is also looking at other directors. Those other directors, according to Variety, are Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), and Daniel Espinosa (Safe House). But it sounds like there isn't a frontrunner at the moment, and this shortlist could be expanded as time goes on.

A release date and production schedule for Suicide Squad 2 have yet to be confirmed, while a screenwriter hasn't been hired either. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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