THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Tracking for $50 Million+ Opening Weekend

We're only two weeks away from the release of Warner Bros.' The LEGO Batman Movie, the highly anticipated spin-off from The LEGO Movie. The new film opens on a crowded weekend, as it has to face sequels Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter 2 for the top spot. If early tracking is any indication, then Batman should have no problem staying on top.

According to Deadline, The LEGO Batman Movie is expected to open with more than $50 million in its opening weekend. This puts it ahead of Fifty Shades' $30-42M and John Wick's $20M expectations.

For comparison's sake, The LEGO Movie grossed $69M in its opening weekend back in 2014. It wound up grossing $257.8M domestically and $469.2M worldwide on a $60M budget. The budget for LEGO Batman is unknown, but it should have no trouble making big money. It comes out in the same release slot as the first movie, which is also universally loved by just about anybody. That type of word-of-mouth can only benefit future films.

You can click HERE to get your tickets for The LEGO Batman Movie. Do you plan on seeing the film opening weekend?

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