SUPERGIRL: Metallo, Livewire and More Villains to Return Later This Season

Supergirl is currently on winter hiatus, with the next episode (directed by Kevin Smith) airing on Monday, January 23rd on The CW. But when the show returns, Kara will be facing a few of her old enemies.

TV Line has learned that Metallo and Livewire will return to Supergirl later this season. In fact, executive producer Ali Adler says that several other "fan-favorite" villains are coming back this year. I guess another one of these villains is Roulette, who is seen in this 2x09 promo.

Metallo appeared in the first two episodes of Supergirl's second season. Originally an assassin hired to kill Lena Luthor, John Corben was later recruited by Cadmus, who transformed him into Metallo. He then served as a formidable foe for both Kara and Superman. Meanwhile, Livewire was in a couple episodes last season, including the Flash crossover.

Which other villains do you hope to see on Supergirl this season?

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