David Ayer to Direct Harley Quinn-Starrer GOTHAM CITY SIRENS; Studio Considering Deadshot Spin-Off

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn emerged as the breakout character from DC Films' Suicide Squad. So much so, that Warner Bros. put a spin-off film into development. The movie will focus on Harley and an ensemble of other DC female characters. Now, the film has a director and a title, while we also have updates on the future of the Squad franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suicide Squad writer and director David Ayer will helm this new project, titled Gotham City Sirens. Screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet is working on the script. The film, which is now on the fast-track at Warner Bros., will shed the spotlight on some of DC's biggest female villains. In the comics, the Gotham City Sirens team consisted of Harley, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Could this be the movie lineup too?

In addition to Gotham City Sirens, Warner Bros. is still developing a direct Suicide Squad sequel. Not only that, but the studio is also considering a spin-off film starring Will Smith's Deadshot. In my opinion, Deadshot was without a doubt one of the highlights in Suicide Squad, and Smith's performance was fantastic. The more Deadshot, the better, I'll say.

However, Gotham City Sirens is the most furthest along in development, now that a director and a screenwriter are attached. A release date has yet to be confirmed, but expect something to be announced soon.

Are you excited for the Gotham City Sirens movie?

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