FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 3x07 - "Killer Frost"


The Flash (3x07) - "Killer Frost"
Written by:         Andrew Kreisberg & Brooke Roberts from a
Story by:              Judalina Neira
Directed by:       Silent Bob

We pick up pretty much where we left off with Savitar getting ready to use his official Assassin’s Creed hidden blade to kill Barry Connor Kenway style! (Oh you like Ezio? That’s fine, but Connor’s my favorite.)  Luckily for Barry, Joe is able to fight off Savitar’s lackeys and fire off enough rounds to distract Savitar so he takes Barry on a run at his speed which also allows him to do some villain posturing.  “I’m the God of the Speed Force. I’m faster than you. I cannot be defeated.” The Usual stuff.

While the team watches Barry a catch a pretty intense beating on the trackers they quickly realize Barry can’t take him.  HR hits on the idea of a team up, Cisco opens a breach so he and Caitlin can join the fight.  Caitlin protests but Iris begs her before Barry is killed.  She relents and she and Cisco are able to chase Savitar off.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin gives Barry a relatively clean bill of health before she leases to check on Wally and try to keep her powers in check.  Meanwhile, Barry, HR and Cisco try to figure out who Savitar is and why he’s so much faster than Barry.  They come up with nothing. 

Things aren’t much better with Wally, Joe and Iris.  Wally’s in some sort of cocoon and Caitlin has no idea how to get him out therefore she doesn’t think it would be smart to try.  As a result, Joe is just filled to the brim with self-recrimination.  He feels like too many times he ignores his instincts in favor of the team’s advice because they’re all scientists and this time it could cost him his son.  So rather than ignore his instincts again he’s going to follow them and question the acolyte they captured the night before.

At the Police Station, Joe gives the acolyte the “I beat the Good Cop into a coma before I came in here” routine before playing the worst game of “I’ve got your (broken) nose” ever.  Unfortunately, Caitlin interrupts the game with news: Wally’s awake and asking for him.  Joe leaves Caitlin behind.  He also leaves the lackey unattended and it seems Caitlin has some questions. 

She wants to know where Alchemy is and she’s not afraid to go full Killer Frost to do it.  When the cops come to check on the noise she’s making torturing the guy she shows a shocking amount of control over her powers and escapes.  It’s not a clean escape though and she has to kidnap Julian.

Back at STAR Labs, Uh-oh Joe! Caitlin lied!  Barry races back to the Police Station to find Detective Patterson (Played by Heroes alum, Greg Grunberg) is rallying the troops to go find Julian.  Caitlin meanwhile has apparently decided to start her Super-villain by taking her hostage and finding a themed hideout. In this case a frozen food warehouse.

The gang gathers at STAR Labs to try and track Caitlin, HR hits on the idea of tracking her by how much cold she’s giving off.  At the warehouse, Julian has tracked down two Alchemy’s acolytes but as soon as Caitlin is distracted Julian notifies the cops.  Barry arrives first and after knocking Julian out tries to talk Caitlin down. 

But the problem with when a member of the team turns heel is they know all sorts of stuff.  For instance, Caitlin knows that Dante was alive in the other timeline which takes Cisco off the board.  The SWAT Team shows up and Barry speeds them out of the firing line but Caitlin stabs him in the leg and escapes.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris and Joe bandage Barry up so Cisco can read him the riot act.  After that, Cisco looks up the two addresses, he’s going to watch one while Joe and HR watch the other.  After HR namedrops the worst episode of the series Cisco makes it clear he wants Barry out of this.

Across town, Cisco has drawn the short straw as the man he is watching is visited by Caitlin.  Since Caitlin’s now a supervillain, she decides to give an evil monologue a try.  It’s a pretty good one but she gets none of the information she wants.  To top it off, it seems Alchemy and Savitar have already seen that Caitlin has a destiny as Killer Frost, so it’s not likely they’ll help her get rid of her powers.

Out in the street, Cisco calls Caitlin out.  The two square off but since we’re still in Act Two, Barry shows up to cut the fight off.  He knocks her down but Caitlin decides it’s time for to tease the SnowBarry shippers a little with a killer kiss.  This gives Cisco the chance to knock her out and it’s off to the Pipeline.  Once there, she and the team face off and we get some of the traditional back and forth between a superhero team and the new villain that betrayed them.

It’s the kind of confrontation where the new villain lands a devastating blow to just about everyone.  Barry’s wallowing in guilt for creating Flashpoint, Cisco is angry at Barry, Iris has to put Barry back together but they’re all the opening act for HR and Joe’s BIG desperate and dumb move. 

They cut Wally out of his cocoon.

He’s not a butterfly and he’s not really Kid Flash.  His powers seem out of control and he runs off after blowing up the Lab.  Barry heads down to the Pipeline to try and get Caitlin to help, with the unorthodox tactic of letting her go.  All she has to do is kill Barry and leave.  She can’t do it though and she manages to pull herself together enough to help Wally.  Now they just have to figure out where Wally went.

Well, since this episode has been about Caitlin trying to be a villain, Joe trusting his instincts and Barry doing risky stupid stuff for his friends and family it’s time to settle up plotline two.  Joe realizes Wally probably went to his mother’s house in Keystone City.

Joe and Wally find him outside the house and manage to get Caitlin’s cure to Wally then back to the Lab.  The next day the gang is testing Wally’s new powers while the gang welcome Caitlin back into the fold.  Barry tries to talk to Cisco about Dante and hopefully fix things but Cisco is definitely not ready so Barry has to go fix the other problem.  The Julian problem.

Julian is awake and he knows exactly who kidnapped him.  Barry begs him not to tell them about Caitlin and Julian is willing to do that for him but at a price.  He has to quit, since he is incapable to doing what needs to done to serve justice and since the third theme of the episode is Barry doing anything for his friends he agrees and heads to the station to pack up his things.

Later that night, Julian is visited by Savitar.  Only together can they make sure Savitar returns, only by Julian becoming Alchemy again.

Hey remember when I said last week that this would be a fakeout?  Well as far as fakeouts go, it was a pretty good one.  I liked what they did with Caitlin and I like that despite what the rest of the cast may think it’s probably not resolved.  What I didn’t like is this rather simplistic view of “get powers=turn evil.”  Barry may have said that things aren’t that simple but I’m not sure the writers agree with him.

There is one thing about this episode I’m starting to wonder about.  Tinfoil Hat time: Did HR come to Earth One because of Savitar?  I’m starting to think that HR came to for a reason and that reason is to help with Savitar.  A big reason is if it really was the Hindu god it would be “Savitr” and not “Savitar.”  We’ll see I suppose but it might be an interesting twist of the Wells character.

Kevin Smith does a great job and bringing out the heart of characters so this was a welcome return.  I liked the effects for Savitar’s next level of speed and I liked the resolution of Wally’s “will I get powers” arc leading into the next step of him and Barry learning to work together.

I really, really liked this episode… Unfortunately they did the sting at the end.  Julian being Alchemy kinda defines him down into just another secret Flash enemy pretending to be a friend.  Something they have done several times already.  It’s annoying, it doesn’t hurt this episode too much but it does dampen my enthusiasm for the Savitar arc to be honest.

But anyway, this is probably a good place to put things on hold since next up is the Big Crossover.  Sigh…

I mean, Yay!

Anyway, TL; DR Really good episode that could’ve been really great.

Three Things We Learned This Week:

1)      Savitar is much, much faster than Barry.
2)      Cisco now knows that Barry killed his brother in a very real sense.
3)      Julian is Alchemy.

Three Questions:

1)      Is Wally faster than Barry?
2)      Will Cisco be able to forgive Barry?
3)      How much, if anything, does HR actually know about Savitar?

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