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RUMOR: New Details On The Next BATMAN Game

We've talked about Warner Bros. Montreal's next DC game a few times over the last year (click here and here), and while we haven't heard any official news on their upcoming projects, we do have more clues on what they're developing.
We've heard rumors on what these two games might be, but we didn't report them because they weren't credible sources. Well now there is so much evidence that we have to talk about it.

According to NeoGaf user, Kenzodielocke, WB Montreal is developing a new Batman game. The details are down below!
The game has reportedly been set for a summer 2017 release date.It's set 10 in the future (after Batman: Arkham Knight?) Bruce Wayne is old and uses a cane. Similar to the beginning on The Dark Knight Rises.Bruce is mentoring his son Damian Wayne; who has take up the mantle of Batman.Damian has a Batbike and will face old and new villains.Lots of characters get redesigned. Dick Grayson has a shaved head, and Black Mask is a female. …

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