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Epic New Footage From BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE; Full Trailer Premieres Wednesday

With the television series Gotham taking a three month long break after its fall finale, the folks over at Warner Bros. decided to give us a parting gift. Here we have all-new footage from the highly anticipated film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check it out below!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th, 2016.

GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win an Arkham Knight Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

We at Watchtower of Babel News are pleased to launch our very first giveaway. The item that we have is an Arkham Knight Pop! Vinyl figure, produced by Funko. The figure is based on the highly successful Batman: Arkham Knight video game. One lucky winner will be given this item.

While the Arkham Knight's origins are a mystery, his resemblance to the Caper Crusader is plainly obvious. In his own words, he believes to be bigger, badder, and better than Batman. We'll have to see about that one. [GameStop]

To enter for a chance to win this figure, here are the instructions: 1. FOLLOW @WatchtowerBabel on Twitter.
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3. The giveaway will run for one week. On Monday, December 7th, at 12 PM EST, the contest will close, and a winner will be chosen. The winner will then be contacted.
Good l…

SUPERGIRL Gets a Full Season Order at CBS

Supergirl premiered on CBS last month, and so far, the DC Entertainment show has been a success. The series was originally ordered for 13 episodes, with a full-season pickup expected. Now, CBS has announced its decision.

CBS has confirmed that Supergirl has been given a full season order. However, instead of the usual nine episodes, the network has ordered seven additional episodes. This brings the season's total to 20 episodes, rather than the typical 22. This can be explained by Supergirl premiering one month later than many other new shows, as well as the heavy visual effects for each episode.

With a full season set, the next step for Supergirl is to secure a second season. CBS will announce that decision sometime next year. Additionally, it was recently rumored that one requirement for Supergirl, should it get a full season order, is to cross over with The CW's The Flash. Now that the full season order has been given, could this crossover happen after all? Expect some offi…

New Details on Rumored SUPERGIRL/THE FLASH Crossover; No Season 2 for LEGENDS OF TOMORROW?

The other day, we received a handful of DC television rumors. The first said that, if Supergirl is given a full season, then a crossover with The Flash will happen. The second suggested that John Constantine would be a series regular on DC's Legends of Tomorrow season two, if it happens. Now, Bleeding Coolhas added some updates on these rumors, offering new details on one and seemingly debunking the other.

Regarding the additional nine episodes of Supergirl, CBS may be required to do a Flash crossover if the network orders them. The crossover would mark a cross-network collaboration between CBS and The CW; the latter is co-owned by CBS and Warner Bros. Currently, Supergirl is set for 13 episodes, but if it is ordered for a full season, the total will rise to 22 episodes.

As for what the crossover will be about, Bleeding Cool suggests that it will focus on the New Krypton storyline. Basically, thousands of Kryptonians are freed from the bottled city of Kandor by Brainiac and come …

New Look at BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Premiering with GOTHAM on Monday

We recently learned that new footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to be released by the end of the year. Now, we know when exactly we'll get a new look at the hotly anticipated superhero epic.

Fox has announced that a new sneak peek at Batman v Superman will air on Monday, during the midseason finale of Gotham. The announcement was accompanied by a video with the cast of Gotham weighing in on the age-old debate: who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

You may recall a rumor from a few months ago that claimed a Batman-centric teaser for Batman v Superman would air during Gotham, while a Superman-centric preview would air with Supergirl. Those didn't happen on October 26th, which was the expected date, but maybe it'll happen now? With Fox confirming this news, let's see if CBS has its own announcement for next Monday.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters March 25th, 2016. The second installment in the DC Ext…

Rumor: Matt Ryan's Constantine May Join DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season Two

After NBC cancelled the Constantine show, Matt Ryan went on to reprise his role as the Hellblazer on an episode of Arrow this season, thus integrating him into The CW's DC-TV Universe. However, fans have been wanting to see John Constantine appear again, either on Arrow or one of the spin-off shows. Now, a new rumor suggests that Constantine will return once a legend of tomorrow.

According to Bleeding Cool, the current plan is for John Constantine to become a series regular on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The catch? This will have to wait until the show's second season, assuming it will be renewed. Bleeding Cool claims that Legends of Tomorrow would "radically" change its cast and mission with each season, comparing it to Justice League Unlimited.

Additionally, The Vampire Diaries alum Steven R. McQueen is being looked at for a hero role for Legends of Tomorrow season two. The hero's name is currently unknown. McQueen has been a fan-favorite to play N…

Ben Affleck Talks Exploiting the DC Brand, Working with Warner Bros. and the Pressure of Playing Batman

Back when Ben Affleck was cast as the Batman of the DC Extended Universe in 2013, the reaction from fans was polarizing to say the least. Some loved the idea, some hated it. While the reception has become more and more positive since then, Affleck still has a lot to live up to in the eyes of the general audience, especially coming off of The Dark Knight Trilogy's huge success.

Now, the actor-director has commented on the pressure surrounding his role and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Speaking with Variety, Affleck makes it clear that there is a lot of pressure to succeed with this film. "I think there is a ton of pressure on it. I mean I would be bulls—ting you to say there isn’t." He adds, "We are a very kind of instant gratification culture when it comes to analyzing the film business. And there is a lot of hyperbole involved. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of pressure on it. If it doesn’t do well, that will be extremely disappointing. I leave that to the exper…

Rumor: SUPERGIRL/THE FLASH Crossover is Being Planned

Ever since CBS picked up Supergirl, there has been much speculation over whether it will cross over with any of Greg Berlanti's other DC shows - Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, all of which are on The CW. While it is logistically possible - CBS co-owns The CW - the former network has been hesitant to have Kara Zor-El meet Green Arrow, Flash and company. Others involved with the show reaffirmed that, while a crossover isn't entirely out of the question, it is not a priority right now.

Then there's the question of where Supergirl fits into the Arrowverse timeline, if anywhere. None of the other shows have referenced Superman's existence - save for that one line of dialogue in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer - and the Man of Steel is obviously a huge figure on Supergirl. However, The Flash introduced the Multiverse this season, so they could easily make Supergirl's world one of the infinite Earths. And a crossover can happen that way.

Now, a new ru…

Possible New Details on AQUAMAN's Villain and Mera; More on Diversity in the DC Extended Universe

JoBlois back with another DC Extended Universe scoop. The site offers potential new details on 2018's Aquaman movie. Who is the primary villain? How will Mera play into the film? What type of actress is Warner Bros. seeking for this role?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main villain of Aquaman will be Ocean Master, aka Orm, aka Aquaman's half-brother. Their conflict in the movie is said to be similar to their multiple showdowns in the comics, as they fight for the throne of Atlantis. Exact story details are unconfirmed, since the script is still being written.In this film, Mera will be a "force to be reckoned with" and not a damsel in distress. JoBlo compares her relationship to Aquaman to the partnership between Max and Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Meanwhile, the studio is also looking to cast a "non-white" actress for this role, which makes sense given Jason "Aquaman" Momoa's mixed race status. So, if you were hoping for someone like Jessica Ch…

AQUAMAN Movie Producer Offers Script Update and Praises Director James Wan

We have more of Collider's terrific interview with Charles Roven, who is producing Warner Bros.' upcoming DC Extended Universe films. Today, he offers an update on Aquaman, which will star Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantis.

Kurt Johnstad is writing the Aquaman script, while director James Wan is involved in its creation as well. Roven says that the movie is in the very early process of being made, especially with Wan currently shooting The Conjuring 2. However, next up on the filmmaker's plate is Aquaman. Roven says, "We’re very early days. We’re just starting with the screenplay. [Wan is] making The Conjuring 2 now, so he’s had his hand in the creation of let’s just call it a working document from which to write. But he’s directing that film [and] he’s got his hand ever so slightly in the development, but he’s really gonna throw himself into it after he finishes shooting Conjuring 2. And we’re planning on it being his film after Conjuring 2. He is a serious Aquama…

New Trailer for DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Shows New & Updated Footage

With the winter break fast approaching and two part Arrow/Flash crossover in a couple of weeks. The CW has released a new trailer promoting the upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow now due to premiere on Thursday January 21st. The trailer showcases new and updated footage from the First Look trailer released earlier this year, Watch below for more.

RUMOR: Black Canary to appear in JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE?

The DC universe is full steam ahead over at Warner Brothers Pictures, with Wonder Woman in production and Batman v Superman set to hit theaters next year. With Wonder Woman (confirmed) to star in Justice League: Part One along with Mera (rumored), WB is looking to add another female to the Justice League roster. According to Latino Review, Warner Bros. is looking to add Black Canary to the team.
Dinah Drake or Dinah (Laurel) Lance is a superhero named Black Canary and usually has ties to Green Arrow and Batman. She is also excellent in hand-to-hand combat along with her signature "Canary Cry". With her possibly appearing in Justice League: Part One and Two casting will have to start fairly soon. Latino Review is also reporting that Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Alona Tal (Supernatural) are the frontrunners for the role. If Black Canary is the breakout character they are hoping for, expect her to star in a Birds of Prey film which is currently in development.
The Birds …

Arrow, Season 4, Episode 7, 'Brotherhood' Review

[This is a full spoiler review for Arrow Season 4, Episode 7, so be warned.]
Arrow's doing something new. A lot of things new, actually, although you wouldn't believe it when the episode opens with a truck heist. Or when that heist is stopped by a mob of masked vigilantes. Or when some characters make stubborn decisions that don't seem to make any sense.

Despite all these tired cliches that have come to personify this show, it is actually going in some fresh and new directions.

First, before I get to the actual episode, my hat is off to Gordon Verheul. Gordon has directed almost 2 dozen episodes of Arrow at this point, but there was a marked style difference in this episode, with several attempts at some single take fighting sequences a la the hallway fight in Daredevil.

Although none of the sequences were quite on that same level as Daredevil, it was fresh and exciting to see some more imagination put into the choreography and camera work. There was a fight with Thea th…

Warner Bros Announces Start of WONDER WOMAN Production; Full Cast Revealed

Warner Bros has officially released a new still announcing the start of production of Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot in London. DCEU Photographer Clay Enos has taken to Instagram to reveal a new look at the character to kick off production.
#Repost @gal_gadot ・・・ Almost 75 years in the making... #WonderWoman is underway. (f2.0 for the win). A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on Nov 21, 2015 at 12:21am PST

Also, WB has released a full press release announcing the full cast and crew of Wonder Woman which includes Harry Potter's David Thewlis and House of Cards Robin Wright.

BURBANK, Calif.— Principal photography is underway on Warner Bros. Pictures’ Wonder Woman feature film, the highly anticipated action adventure from director Patty Jenkins (“Monster,” AMC’s “The Killing”), starring Gal Gadot (the “Fast & Furious” movies) in the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. The character will make her big screen debut this spring in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but the ne…

Colton Haynes Is Returning as Roy Harper to ARROW This Season

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Colton Haynes will be returning as Roy Harper to Arrow following the winter hiatus. He has taken to Twitter to confirm his involvement and arrival in Vancouver for filming. 
Just landed in Vancouver to...BEGIN FILMING ON #ARROW AGAIN!!! 🙀😸🙀 So excited!!! — Colton Haynes (@ColtonLHaynes) November 20, 2015

He is returning for Episode 412, which will air after the winter hiatus. No details are known for his return. Roy was last seen in Season 3, taking the fall for Oliver as the Arrow and faking his own death. Later, Thea tracked him down but then again disappeared. 
What could this mean for Team Arrow? Will Roy stay in Star City?

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Update: Fede Alvarez is The Studio's Choice to Direct

Yesterday, we received an update on the directors Warner Bros. is hiring to take over Justice League Dark/Dark Universe. Fede Alvarez and directing duo Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado are in contention to helm the DC Comics adaptation. Now, we have an update on who is the frontrunner to get the gig, as well as Guillermo del Toro's current involvement.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Alvarez is Warner Bros.' top choice to direct Justice League Dark, thus making him the frontrunner. However, del Toro allegedly prefers Keshales and Papushado for the job. It is unknown if anyone else is in the running.

Del Toro wrote the script for the film, and he will produce alongside Scott Rudin. He is also expected to be involved hands-on, at least during pre-production. Regardless of who directs, he will be working very closely with del Toro. Filming will take place mid-2016.

Justice League Dark is also beginning the casting phase right now, with actors such as Colin Farrell and Ron Pe…

Who is in Contention to Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK for Warner Bros.?

This week has seen plenty of casting rumors for Justice League Dark/Dark Universe, with actors such as Colin Farrell, Monica Belluci, Ron Perlman and Ben Mendelsohn being linked to the DC Comics adaptation. But with Guillermo del Toro exiting the director's chair, who will take the helm on this movie?

According to JoBlo, Warner Bros. is targeting three filmmakers to tackle Dark Universe. Two of these are a directing duo, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, who previously helmed Big Bad Wolves. Also in contention for the job is Fede Alvarez, who is best known for directing the 2013 Evil Dead remake.

None of these directors have been formally offered the gig yet, but the two both have open windows for a 2016 production. WB is said to be in love with del Toro's "excellent" script; so much so, that Dark Universe is being fast-tracked to begin production early next year.

Additionally, JoBlo has a couple other tidbits on the casting process. According to the site, the st…

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 2x07 - "Gorilla Warfare"