“Welcome to Super Hero High” DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Launches

As we reported HERE in April, DC has partnered with Mattel to launch the “DC Super Hero Girls” line as part of their effort to reach young girls.  The site has gone live with profiles and games as well as a web-series.  The first episode is titled “Welcome to Super Hero High” and you can watch below:

Similar to Tiny Titans and the recent Superman Family Adventure, the characters have all been re-imagined as high school students (save for Amanda Waller who is the school principal.)  The art style is cute and each of the major characters: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Katana, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Bumblebee have profiles that sound similar to their comic counterparts though more fitting of a high school setting. (For example; Harley Quinn is described as “the class clown.”)

The site announced that a full line of toys and other merchandise will be released in the spring (and if I were a betting man I’d wager they mean sometime around the end of March) but for now the web-series is on the site and on youtube as well to draw kids in.

Speaking as a man old enough to remember Super-Friends while it was still first run, I cannot even begin to judge if this campaign will reach its target audience but I admire DC for doing things like this or Secret Hero Society or Gwenda Bond’s Lois Lane Young Adult Novel series (the second book, entitled "Double Down" will be released in May of 2016.)  The more options DC offers people to enjoy their characters, the better.

Check out the DC Super Hero Girls HERE and “Get your cape on.”

Source- DC Comics, io9, The Mary-Sue

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