THE FLASH Season One: What Have We Learned? (Part Four)

Welcome to Part Four: (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) the final push of the season was as intense as would be expected.  Barry confronts the man who destroyed his family and manipulated nearly his entire life for sins he’d never committed meanwhile the team tries to find a way to function without “Harrison.”  Let’s Dig in:

Who is Harrison Wells:
1)      Is it really "dirty pool" for Barry to want to get his father out of prison after he's spent over fifteen years there for a crime he did not commit?
No Caitlin, it was never "Dirty Pool."
2)      Is the Central City DA a potential ally for Team Flash in the future?
Answered: Yes, she later helps them with the "prison transfer."
3)      Has Iris completely pieced together that Ronnie was the Burning Man?
Answered: It seems so.

The Trap:
1)      How conflicted is Wells, or is he playing Team Flash even now?
Answered: He was conflicted to a point but he was still playing with them.
2)      What will Iris do now that she suspects Barry is The Flash?
Answered: March into STAR Labs and confront him in the next episode.
3)      Here's a question that's been bothering me the more I watch this week's episode: Did Wells build the Time Vault or is something else going on? (As in; The Time Vault is "bigger on the inside.")
No answer, the Time Vault has yet to appear again.

Grodd Lives:
1)      What WAS Wells building?
Answered: It seemed to be a device that would power up the accelerator so he could use the accelerator himself and go home.
2)      How much of ARGUS knows who the Flash is?
Answered: To be determined but no Amanda Waller worth a damn would be unaware of Flash's identity.
3)      Does simply having knowledge of the future itself change the future?
Answered: It certainly seems to.  Iris and Eddie decided to ignore the future paper and Barry balked at saving his mother.

Rogue Air:
1)      "Cold as Ice?" Really?
Still kinda mad about this one.
2)      Does Eobard need the Particle Accelerator and if so, what for?
Answered: Yes, to go home.
3)      What will Eddie do now?
Answered: Eddie used his knowledge of the future pretty well all things considered.  He decided to ignore the future of Iris and Barry's relationship in favor of trying to create his own with Iris and when the time came made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Eobard Thawne.

So, what have we learned?  Quite a lot really.  Barry Allen’s journey from a young man searching for answers to a man with power to a hero is not complete yet (and hopefully won’t be complete any time soon) but he’s come a long way.  As his control of his powers grew so did his confidence, this was reflected by him taking on a more commanding presence with the team. 

His hero worship of Wells was punished but his same hero worship of Oliver Queen was rewarded in an unexpected way; he became Oliver’s friend and perhaps showed Oliver that he could find hope within himself.

His relationships with Joe and Henry found a more balanced place and while he may not have gotten Henry out of prison (though that is up for debate as the final question we’re left with in the season finale is “If Eddie killed himself and Eobard, does that mean that Nora Allen is still alive?”) he at least has been able to mend the gaping wound that started this journey to some extent.

All things considered, The Flash season one was very impressive.  There were several fantastic episodes and the number of great moments week after week were too numerous to count.  I am hopeful that once the prep work for Legends of Tomorrow is complete that the show will be allowed to stand more on its own as that was when the series was at its best.

So, as we wrap of this season in review I remind you to come back next week as Watchtower helps you unpack The Flash: Season Two.

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