THE FLASH Season One: What Have We Learned? (Part Three)

Welcome back to Part Three. (Part One, Part Two) With Barry’s powers firmly established and his mission expanding beyond the original goal of “Capture the Man in Yellow/Find others effected by the Explosion” it’s time enter the deeper grasses of Flash lore and even expand the DC/CW Universe.

1)      Is Eiling monitoring STAR Labs or did Wells tell him about Firestorm?
Answered: That was never made clear but Eiling was definitely watching Team Flash.
2)      Despite his protests, is Cisco suspicious of Wells?
Unclear but it seemed on some level Cisco didn't trust him.
3)      Are Stein and Ronnie even still alive?
Answered: Yes.

1)      Who was building the tech for Eiling?
Still no answer for that.
2)      Can Barry change the past?
Answered: Yes, but at considerable risk and considerable cost.
3)      How big a crush does this Sherry woman have on Joe is she's letting people just wander in and out of her home at all hours?
No answer. Yet.

1)      Does Mason have evidence or is he using Iris for fishing purposes?
Answered: He seemed to have something since he continued the investigation on his own enough to draw attention from Eobard.
2)      What happened to the original Barry at the end of the episode? For that matter, what happened to the Future Barry at the beginning of the episode?  Is this a paradox?  Does the time traveler always rep- ARGH!
No answer: the rules of time travel seem contingent on the method of time travel.
3)      What happens if Barry changes events?
Answered: We find out in the next episode but the short answer is chaos.

1)      Will Mason's disappearance raise Iris' suspicions?
Answered: Yes, quite a bit in fact.
2)      What is the missing ingredient to Barry being able to travel through time?
Answered: Speed through proper motivation it seems.
3)      Can Barry bring himself to try and save his mother now that he knows how dangerous tampering with time can be?
Answered: As it turns out, no.

1)      Why did Thawne build the particle accelerator and activate it over six years early?
Answered: First to give Barry his powers then to use it as a time machine.
2)      What happened to future Barry after he pulled young Barry out of the house and why did Thawne lose his powers that night?
Answered: Still no answer but considering the finale it's likely he was Barry from the new timeline Thawne created.
3)      Will Eddie crack under the pressure of Barry's secret?
Answered: No, but he was not happy with the secrecy.

1)      Did Larvan see Barry use his powers?
No answer.
2)      Why is Cisco seeing the previous timeline?
Answered: Cisco became a meta-human the night of the Explosion.
3)      Is Cisco changed as a result of Barry using Speed Force energy to revive him?
No answer.

We’ll leave off there. One last part to go and while it will only be four episodes, they all left us with some important questions and answers.  Come back next week, it’ll be more fun than a barrel of apes… monkeys.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

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