Stephanie Corneliussen Joins LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Cast

While we anxiously await the season premieres of Flash and Arrow, the third series in the DC/CW-Verse is adding a new member to their cast; Stephanie Corneliussen.

A native of Denmark, Miss Corneliussen is a relative newcomer to acting, her first on camera role was in an uncredited role in 2013’s Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  From there she had guest spots on Royal Pains, Bad Judge and The Exes before landing a recurring role on Mr. Robot where she gathered quite a buzz. (imdb)

She will be playing Valentina Vostok aka Negative Woman aka the White Queen (not to be confused with THIS White Queen) first appeared in 1977.  She was a Soviet fighter pilot who stole an experimental fighter jet and defected to the US.  She crashed the plane in the same place that the original Doom Patrol was thought to have died.  Her body came in contact with the same energy that gave the Negative Man his powers leaving her with very similar powers.  Later she replaced Amanda Waller as the head of Checkmate and took on the code name of “White Queen.”

On Legends of Tomorrow, Vostok is a physicist that the team suspect of working with Vandal Savage.  Atom and Captain Cold are charged with getting close to her to determine her loyalties before she completes a project that may with the Soviet Union the Cold War.

No word on which episode Corneliussen will appear in or if her role will reoccur. 

Source- TVLine
DC's Legends of Tomorrow is in development by Warner Television and the CW Network to air in January

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