Dawn of Swagger: Zack Snyder Talks Superheroes on Film

If you haven’t noticed, the amount of attention on Zack Snyder’s upcoming film; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is growing by the day.  Which is impressive because it’s broken the internet from the start, but the closer we get to Friday, March 25th, 2016 we seem to find another spotlight to shine on Zack Snyder.

 Give the man credit he’s not shying away from it.  Be it casting controversies, universe building or even calling morning zoo radio shows to talk Aquaman Zack has been full speed ahead.

This week he talked to a reporter at the Daily Beast about his participation in Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl.”  This year’s fan contest not only gives aspiring filmmakers a chance not only to have an ad during the Super Bowl and win one million dollars but they’ll have a chance to take part in the DCEU.  Snyder is excited to take part even promising to take the winner under his wing.

Talking about “Crash the Super Bowl” led to talk of the DCEU and Batman v Superman itself.  “It’s great fun, but it also has an eye toward the future—it’s going toward Justice League. Early on, once we decided that we were going to put Batman in the movie, then I was like, ‘Okay, good! Because you know what that means? It means the floodgates can open!’” 

Snyder also talked about Steven Speilberg’s commentary on the start of Super Hero films and their future.  He admitted that while there may come a day when Super Hero film are over, “But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?

Snyder also took the time to address the rumor that Warner Brothers is pushing for more Batman and less Superman in BvS.  “Only in that because it’s a different Batman than the Batman that was in the Chris Nolan movies, so we have a little bit more explaining to do—and you just had a whole Superman movie, but I think only in that way, because you need to understand where Batman is with everything. And that’s more toward the beginning, but it evens back out as it goes on.

Snyder also explained that much of their conflict will be philosophical, “They’re actually opposite sides of the same coin, it’s interesting because Batman’s a man and Superman’s a god, if you think about it in those terms. So their relationship is very contentious. What Superman sees as Batman’s limits, Batman sees as Superman trying to control him, acting like an absolute dictator.

Zack Snyder directs Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill premieres in theaters, March 25, 2016.  Until then, you can read more about Snyder’s approach to Batman v Superman HERE and you can read about the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest HERE

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