THE UNIT’s Demore Barnes Joins THE FLASH Cast as Tokamak

One of the things that became apparent during the first season of Flash was the link between Barry Allen’s origin and the origin of another DC Hero, Firestorm.  At times it even seemed much of the first season was built more around the origin of Firestorm than the titular hero.  Season two of the Flash seems set on continuing that good relationship as Demore Barnes joins the cast as one of the Flamebrain’s top villains, Tokamak.

A native of Toronto, Barnes first made his way to the screen in the late nineties in a TV movie called White Lies.  From there, he made some guest appearance on a few television shows before getting the role of “Benjamin Hardaway” in the series The Associates, his role lasted over a season before he moved on to the CBS Black Ops series, The Unit.  Since then, he’s appeared on numerous genre shows like; Fringe, Hemlock Grove and Supernatural.  He is currently has a role on Syfy’s 12 Monkeys as “Whitley.” (imdb)

Born Henry Hewitt, Tokamak was a rich scientist and invalid who, much like Firestorm himself, was turned into a living nuclear reactor after he tried to reverse his quadriplegia. During a battle with Firestorm he was seemingly kill but it would be revealed that Hewitt took steps to live via clones of himself.  His powers are similar to Firestorm’s but he is more unstable and radioactive.

In season two, Hewitt is reimagined as a “charming, but cocky scientist.” He has been affected by the Accelerator explosion and when he is recruited by Caitlin he takes the opportunity to explore his abilities.  He will join the cast in episode four of Season two, and there is no word if his role will be recurring.

Flash season two kicks off with “The Man Who Saved Central City” October 6th.

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The Flash airs on the CW, Tuesdays at 8E and is available streaming.

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