THE FLASH Season One: What Have We Learned? (Part One)

With Season One of the Flash Behind us and a long wait still ahead of us it's time to go back and discuss what we've learned. 

To do that I'm taking the questions from each week's review in order (excluding the finale) and see if they've been answered and what those answers mean:

1)      Where is "Grodd" and just how changed is he?
Answered: At this point in the season, Grodd was hiding out in the sewers as his intellect and telepathic powers expanded.
2)      How much future knowledge does Wells possess?
Answered: Quite a bit in fact, since "Wells" was Eobard Thawne and from the future he knew more than enough to effectively control Barry and his friends.
3)      Why does Thawne know about Barry's blog?
No Answer.

1)      How long until Iris figures out Barry's secret?
Answered: It took almost the whole season though Barry told her in an alternate timeline.
2)      Is Multiplex actually dead?
No answer though signs point to yes.  Then again the comic book logic of "no body/not dead" is in play.
3)      How long until Cisco upgrades Barry's treadmill?
He hasn't yet but there's still time.

1)      Did Henry recognize Barry at Iron Heights?
Unclear, Henry did put together that Barry was the Flash but it's not clear if it was because of this episode.
2)      Was the theft the Darbinyan family had gathered to discuss part of something larger?
Also unclear since the Darbinyans were never featured again.
3)      If Rita Farr is out there and has a bio-pic devoted to her, does this mean there's a Doom Patrol?
Not as of yet, though I'm still hoping.

1)      Is there a Black Adam/Shazam?
No answer yet.
2)      Has Cold already reverse engineered the Cold Gun?
Unclear, though by the time he appears again he states that he has.
3)      How is Blackhawk still in business?
This may never have an answer but clearly they shouldn't be.

1)      Will Eiling continue to pursue Barry?
Answered: While Eiling knows who Barry is as of the end of Season One he is not pursuing him.
2)      Like Eiling asked; how long until the public start to link metas with the Accelerator explosion?
Answered: Not very long, within the next few episodes, several people around the City begin to link the two.
3)      Is it strange that Joe might be a bit of a Barry/Iris shipper?

1)      Assuming Wells is associated with the Reverse Flash, why attack now when Wells has thrown off suspicion?
Answered: It seems that Eobard did not think he'd done enough to slow Joe down and as it turned out he was right.
2)      Now that Eddie has seen something related to meta-humans will he be inspired to seek out more?
Answered: Yes, Eddie is eventually brought into the fold this season.
3)      Speaking of Eddie, why did they have to make him so likable just when I was starting to enjoy hating Detective Pretty Boy?
I guess Rick Cosnett was just that charming.

So, what had we learned so far this season?  Barry had a long way to go and much of the season's big moments were only just starting to emerge.  There's also plenty that seemed important at the time that either wasn't or hasn't played out yet.  (I'm still hoping for the Doom Patrol, c'mon CW if you'll give Ray Palmer you can give us Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.)

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