Fox Release New Posters for GOTHAM Season Two

With the final push toward the Fall TV season underway it's time for the networks to fire up the hype machine for the general public.  Today, Fox released these two new posters for Gotham:

Both posters feature the full cast, including new villains James Frain and Jessica Lucas as "Theo and Tabitha Galvan.  Both posters also feature the Gotham skyline inverted implying that things will be turned upside down.  Where they differ is that one features this season's tagline: "Rise of the Villains."  While the other uses the cast to create an image that I'm sure I've seen before but just can't place...

Included with these posters are cast pictures for Frain and Lucas which you can see below:

So, are you ready for the Rise of the Villains?
Gotham airs Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.

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