Casting Updates for New Seasons of GOTHAM and ARROW

The latest "Ask Ausiello" column at TVLine has gone up with plenty of news for a lot of upcoming television series, including Arrow and Gotham.

First up for Gotham is some casting news: In addition to the departure of Jada Pinkett-Smith from the series, Victoria Cartenga (Renee Montoya) and Andrew Stewart-Jones (Crispus Allen) will not be continuing as series regulars in Season Two.  This may not mean that the pair is off the show, it could mean that they've been reclassified as recurring guest stars. 

Staying in the GCPD, with Michael Chiklis joining the cast as Captain Barnes some have speculated trouble for Zabryna Guevara (Captain Sarah Essen.)   Ausiello says that Guevara is not only still a series regular but she will be playing "Key role" this season.

Meanwhile, when Ausiello was asked for information on Season Four of Arrow he had this to say: "There will be life after love for Thea, and it rears its 'handsome, charming, witty' head in Episode 5 in the form of Alex, a sharp and polished political consultant who will eventually get Speedy to utter these two very important words: 'Roy who?'"

As soon as this "Alex" is cast, you'll hear about it here.

Source - TVLine

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW 8E and is available streaming. Gotham airs Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.

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