LEGENDS OF TOMORROW's Caity Lotz Talks Death, Rebirth and White Canary

When she took over the role of "Sara Lance" for Season Two of Arrow, Caity Lotz quickly won over the audience to the point of becoming a fan favorite character.  Sara was popular enough that not even death was enough to stop her and she will return in CW's upcoming spin-off DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Lotz for a special issue available only to San Diego Comic Con goers.  Fortunately for the rest of us, they were kind enough to put the interview up on their website today.

When ask how she felt when she heard she was returning to the CW-Verse, Lotz had this to say: "I was really surprised, because I thought we made it pretty clear that Sara was dead this time…  I was definitely surprised and excited, especially when you play a character for so long; you become really attached to them. I was so sad when she died. It’s nice to know that she gets to come back to life. You only get to do that in the comic book world."

Lotz walked through both her preparation to portray the role again and her martial arts training before the conversation turned to the Lazarus Pits that will be used to bring her back.  The pits are well known, both in comics and now the CW-Verse, to change those who are healed by them and while she has not seen what changes Sara may undergo she says: "It’s going to be interesting to see how Sara changes. She’s going to have to relearn a lot of things, [like] how she’s going to interact with people again. She was never much of a people person to begin with. It might be hard for her."

Lotz also says that she is eager to explore Sara's time with the League and her relationship with Nyssa al Ghul.  She also is excited to explore the nature of her death and Thea Queen and Malcolm Merlyn's actions surrounding her murder.

The interview closed out with perhaps the most intriguing reunion ahead for Sara Lance; the one with her sister, Laurel.  She teased the prospect of a Black Canary vs White Canary battle when she said: "I don’t think Sara would be into Laurel donning the mask and becoming Black Canary, just because she wouldn’t have wanted her to have the same life that she had, that she wasn’t so into all that darkness. I definitely hope that something happens, whether they fight together or against each other. It could be cool side by side. I’m into that."

You can see everything Caity had to say, HERE.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW 8E and is available streaming.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is in development by Warner Television and the CW Network to air in early 2016.

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