Lexi Alexander Set to Direct Episode of ARROW Season Four

Lexi Alexander is no stranger to superheroes.  The Green Street Hooligans writer and director is perhaps best known in comic circles for her film Punisher: War Zone.  She has also spent much of 2015 being rumored to be attached to upcoming DC and Marvel movies, specifically Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.  She has also been seen on social media touting the need for female film directors this year.

While she may not be directing films for DC or Marvel just yet she will be directing in the DC Universe this fall. When asked if she might direct one of the upcoming Netflix Marvel series, Alexander announced on Twitter earlier today that she will direct an episode Arrow's fourth season.  "They have not. But I’m excited to direct Arrow in August."

Born in Germany, Lexi Alexander has already built an eclectic career.  She's a champion in Martial Arts and Kickboxing; she guest starred on Boy Meets World and has written and directed numerous projects.  More recently, she directed an episode of the online horror anthology series, Black Box TV.  She also wrote directed and acted in the 2010 film, Lifted.  (imdb)

There is no word on which episode she will be directing, but with her saying August it is likely that it is an early episode.

Source - Screen Gonzo

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