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BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Costume Designer Talks Aquaman and Reveals New Batsuit Details

For a feature on superhero movie and television costumes, Fashionista spoke with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume designer Michael Wilkinson. Wilkinson was responsible for the designs of the suits worn by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. All of these have been praised for their accuracy to the source material, and Wilkinson says that he and director Zack Snyder were also aiming towards grounding these costumes in a way to connect with our modern world. "He really wants these characters to connect directly to our world. So if you were walking down the street and you came across Superman or Batman — of course it would be startling and powerful — but it could actually happen in our world rather than in a stylized version of our reality." With this goal in mind, Wilkinson has looked to the likes of ancient Greek sculptures and military apparel for inspiration.

Designing the look for Aquaman was particularly a "huge challenge," Wilkinson says. He n…

Dwayne Johnson Explains Why He's Playing Black Adam Rather than Shazam

Dwayne Johnson had been sharing his desire to play DC Comics villain/antihero Black Adam for years - a decision backed by most fans - and in 2019's Shazam, his wish will finally be fulfilled. However, some had hoped that Johnson would instead play Shazam himself, due to his extreme charisma and starpower. That obviously isn't happening now, but why? "The Rock" has now weighed in.

Speaking with Digital Spy(transcription via Comic Book Movie), Johnson revealed why he wanted to play Black Adam rather than the titular hero in Shazam. "Because I felt ultimately, and this is with all due respect to Shazam/Billy Batson, it's a mythology that I love; it's been with me for almost ten years now; what made me choose Black Adam? I just felt Black Adam was inherently more interesting to me because I felt there were more layers to Black Adam starting out as a slave and then ultimately becoming the anti-hero who we enjoy today." So, it looks like Johnson did have…

SUICIDE SQUAD Casting Updates: Killer Croc, Steve Trevor, Plastique and More

We have some interesting casting updates for Suicide Squad today. Two new characters have joined the cast, while we have some updates on two others.

First up, according to The Wrap, the DC supervillain ensemble has cast Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as none other than Killer Croc, an iconic enemy of Batman. This will mark the big screen debut for Waylon Jones. This also marks the second comic book villain role for Adewale, as he previously played both Algrim the Strong and Kurse in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World.

The Wrap also adds that actress Karen Fukuhara has been cast in a unspecified role. Regarding that, Latino-Review says that she could be playing Plastique. Apparently, the character - who is a member of the Squad - is shown in a nightclub scene. The movie will mark her big screen debut and her third live action appearance overall, following appearances on The CW's Smallville and The Flash.

Meanwhile, Latino-Review has also weighed in on a couple other recent casting additi…

DOCTOR WHO Actor Joins Cast of FLASH/ARROW Spin-Off as Rip Hunter


Holy Guacamole, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward to Reprise BATMAN '66 Roles in New Animated Movie(s)

The 1966 Batman television series has been beloved by fans for decades, and the show was finally released in its entirety on Blu-Ray and DVD last year. New merchandising, such as action figures, were also rolling out beginning the year before. Adam West's Batman and Burt Ward's Robin have cemented the Dark Knight's status as a cultural icon, and now, it looks like they will be returning to the roles in an interesting way.

At the Mad Monster Party recently, West and Ward revealed that they will be reprising their iconic roles in a 90 minute Batman animated movie. The plan is to release the film during the 50th anniversary of the series in 2016 - the same year that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released. Ward suggests that there could actually be two movies released, but "for sure" one. Presumably, this will be a part of DC's direct-to-DVD animated film slate for next year.

Check out the video clip from the Mad Monster Party below, and stay tuned …

The ARROW/FLASH Spin-Off Series Casts Newcomer as Hawkgirl

Following the success of Arrow and The Flash, a new spin-off series will unite supporting characters from both shows. The Atom, Martin Stein, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Sara Lance (?) are all set to star, as well as three unnamed DC characters. Casting breakdowns previously hinted at who the characters were. And now, one of them - a fan favorite character from DC Comics lore - has been cast.

It has been announced (via Deadline) that Broadway actress Ciara Renée is set to play Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, in The CW's untitled team-up series. This iteration of the character is described as "a young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back, earning her the moniker Hawkgirl." 

This is Hawkgirl's second live action appearance and the first for Kendra Saunders. The Shayera Hol version of Hawkgirl appeared on S…

Producers and NBC Will Meet to Talk CONSTANTINE at End of April

For those that have been hoping for word on the fate of Constantine, the wait is almost over as NBC will meet with producers to discuss the future of the series.
By now most of us are aware of the rocky journey Constantine has had.They debuted to disappointing ratings and never had the additional episodes picked up for the first season.However, the ratings improved as the show continued through the first season and finished strong.Fans of the show rallied behind it with a #SaveConstantine campaign that has garnered buzz.
NBC raised eyebrows and hopes for fans when they refused to remark on the fate of the show one way or the other.Now the show's Executive Producer and writer, David Cerone took to twitter this morning with news:
"End of April date has been set to pitch 2nd season ideas to NBC. Then they decide on a Season 2.
The show's producers have been hopeful they can find new life for the series and this is the latest indicat…

Scott Eastwood and Raymond Olubowale Join the Cast of SUICIDE SQUAD

With production for Suicide Squad set to begin in the coming weeks, we have word of a couple more additions to its impressive cast. Firstly, actor Scott Eastwood - aka the son of the legendary Clint Eastwood - revealed to eTalkthat he has been in Toronto preparing for a role in the DC supervillain ensemble. "I'm doing a movie up there called Suicide Squad," he says, before adding, "I can't tell you anything. It's all under shhhh."

Eastwood was recently spotted alongside co-star Cara Delevingne - who plays Enchantress in Suicide Squad - during Toronto Fashion Week, sparking speculation of a role in the movie. He admits that most of his time in Toronto was spent preparing for his unknown role. Eastwood previously worked with writer-director David Ayer on Fury.

Meanwhile, boxer-turned-actor Raymond Olubowale - who appears in Pixels this summer - confirmed that he is also in Suicide Squad during an interview with Toronto Sun. He had this to say about his g…

FEATURE: Ten Villains Who Should Recur Throughout the DC Cinematic Universe

The DC Universe hosts many of the greatest villains in comic book history, and the DC Cinematic Universe will take advantage of this prestigious library. Next year, we'll see new incarnations of characters such as The Joker and Lex Luthor. Several villains will make their big screen debuts in Suicide Squad, including Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. Antagonists such as Darkseid and Brainiac have also been rumored to be in the Justice League films, while Dwayne Johnson will fulfill his dream of playing villain/future antihero Black Adam in Shazam.

One way to successfully approach these villains - and a way to differentiate from Marvel Studios' general approach - is to have many of them recur throughout the films of the DCCU. Introduce one or more in one film with the possibility of their returning in at least one other. Don't kill them off in their first movie, ala General Zod in Man of Steel or in many Marvel films. Below, I've compiled a list of villains…

Tyrese Gibson Explains His "Campaign" to Play Green Lantern John Stewart

While we wait for Warner Bros. to announce who is playing Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe, one actor who has been wanting to fill the role is Tyrese Gibson. The actor-musician began to campaign for the role of John Stewart a couple months ago on social media, where he would post fan-made images of himself in the suit along with the Green Lantern oath. Now, Gibson has finally revealed the backstory of his "campaign" to play Green Lantern.

Speaking with Vixen Varsity, Gibson said that all this began because fans on Instagram sent him Green Lantern fan manips, and he decided to share them. "Well, first thing I will say, is that it was two fans online that sent me direct messages on Instagram, with me as Green Lantern. They started it. And it’s nothing like a comic book fan getting excited about someone that they can see playing one of their favorite comic book heroes. As far as I’m concerned, I’m innocent. I was at home, relaxing, eating a bowl of cereal, and t…

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 1x16- "Rogue Time"