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THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Director Christopher Nolan Recalls His Influence On The Superhero Genre And Whether He'd Return

Few directors have left a legacy on the comic book movie genre as much as Christopher Nolan has. The critically acclaimed writer-director's The Dark Knight Trilogy is without a doubt one of the best superhero sagas to date, reestablishing Batman's role in the mainstream. Nolan's involvement in the DC Universe did not end there, however. He produced Man of Steel, which officially kicked off a DC Cinematic Universe, and he is attached as an executive producer to its follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros. still wanted him to continue his involvement, however, as Nolan was approached not only to produce the Justice League film, but a Batman reboot as well. He has since turned those roles down, but has he left the genre behind for good?

During an interview with Time Out, Nolan discusses the extreme increase of comic book movies following the release of The Dark Knight, which many believe is the best in the genre to date. The director acknowledges his role …

SUPERGIRL Series Also Casting Regular Roles Of Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Hank Henshaw And Winslow Schott

As reported yesterday, CBS is currently casting the roles of "Kara Danvers" - aka Kara Zor-El - and her adopted sister Alex Danvers in the upcoming Supergirl television series. Now, TV Lineis back with more news, revealing four other series regulars for the show. Iconic Superman supporting character James "Jimmy" Olsen is one of the key characters, described as an "alpha male," which is certainly different from the comic iteration. In Supergirl, he works at CatCo, which was founded by Cat Grant, who also serves as Kara's boss. The show, which has a series commitment at CBS, is also casting for the roles of Winslow "Wynn" Shott, who in the comics becomes the villain Toyman, and Hank Henshaw, who is the alter ego of Cyborg Superman. Below are the full character descriptions of these roles. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

CAT GRANT | The project is eyeing females in their 40s, open ethnicity, to play the founder of CatCo, a media conglo…

Stephen Amell Talks Potential GREEN ARROW Movie And Grant Gustin Not Starring In THE FLASH Movie

Arrow has been a major success for The CW, creating many new fans of DC's Emerald Archer. The show has been so well-received that, in fact, fans were hoping that it and its spin-off series The Flash would be incorporated into the DC Cinematic Universe. However, Geoff Johns previously denied that the movies and TV shows will be connected, and this was reaffirmed when Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen for 2018's The Flash movie, rather than series star Grant Gustin. Still, that hasn't stopped Arrow star Stephen Amell from talking about the big screen potential for his character.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Amell is asked if he is "ready" to star in a Green Arrow movie following the announcements of many DC and Marvel films within the past few weeks. The actor isn't particularly interested in the idea, citing his preference of shooting 23 hours worth of material for one television season over the typical two hours worth of a feature film. "I am…

ARROW: Season 3, Episode 4 "The Magician" Review

With another episode of Arrow in the books, team Arrow is still trying to find Sara's killer, and Oliver has made some new enemies.  The addition of several characters—both new and familiar—helps keep the show fresh while still propelling the story as we search for who killed Sara and why.

This episode has the most effective story telling we've seen yet this season.  The first episode seemed to shuffle the board, while the next few worked to re-set all the pieces.  Now we are starting to see everything played out.

The changes they've made to both Thea and Laurel have been noticeable.  There were a few slides this episode, but neither of them really bugged me like they have in the past.  There are a couple elements that seem to have become big frustrations, such as everyone's refusal to tell Captain Lance that Sara is dead.  It's uncomfortable, and it's going to end poorly!

There are also a few fight reoccurring choreography trends that are somewhat concerning.…

New Character Details For SUPERGIRL Series As Casting Begins


Rumor: WONDER WOMAN Movie Takes Place In The 1920s; Two Sequels Tentatively Planned

After many years in development hell, a Wonder Woman movie is finally moving ahead, with Warner Bros. slating the film for a June 23rd, 2017 release. Gal Gadot is set to reprise the role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with a search for a female director to tackle the project underway. What we don't know is what the storyline of this movie would be. Would it be a full-on origin story, or will that be bypassed? A new rumor has seemingly revealed where exactly Wonder Woman fits into the DC Cinematic Universe timeline, as well as two possible sequels.

According to Bleeding Cool, the first half of Wonder Woman takes place "on Paradise Island with warring Amazon factions vying for control." Then, a man - who is "not necessarily" Steve Trevor - arrives on the island, asking the Amazons for help. He is joined by Diana Prince in his return to man's world, which in this film is set in the 1920s. From there, the movie focuses on Diana's exploration of t…

THE FLASH: SPOILER Review 01x04 - "Going Rogue"


Review: Gotham S1E6 "Spirit of the Goat"


Again Gotham reaches for greatness and yet again it's seemingly perpetual flaws keep dragging it back down to the depths of good but flawed.

'Goat' delves into the past of one of the series outstanding characters Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue. Told in flashback, a younger, idealistic Bullock and his older partner are staking out a house where the dreaded 'Spirit of the Goat' serial killer has claimed his latest victim. During Bullock's heroic attempt to save the victim his partner is wounded and Bullock himself takes the life of the killer. Flashing forward to present day Bullock is presented with the murder of Amanda Hastings whose killer's M.O matches the dead serial killer almost exactly. In fact the new killer is so identical to the previous in his methods that he copies elements from the original killers rituals that were never disclosed to the public. The story and it…

Zack Snyder Offers BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Production Update And Talks Jason Momoa As Aquaman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has called into the Stoney and Bill morning show on Detroit radio for a second time. While on the air, he confirms that production for the highly anticipated DC team-up will wrap soon, after he films at a few more locations. "We’re getting ready to wrap it up and take off and I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for being strong supporters of the movie and coming down and saying hey. I’ve had a great time in Michigan, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys and just to Detroit itself. We head to Chicago after this, then a couple more locations but we’re getting close, as they say. It’s a long shoot." And with Snyder set to direct two Justice League movies in the near future, will he return to Detroit for production? "I feel like there’s a really good chance we’ll be back. We have a couple of established locations here that I think if we make another movie, I’m knocking on wood here, we would have to come back an…

THE FLASH Casts CW Veteran As Linda Park

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that Star-Crossed and Vampire Diaries alumnus, Malese Jow has been cast as Linda Park.
A native of Tulsa Oklahoma, twenty-three year old Malese Jow is a multi-talented performer.  She cut her teeth as an actress on the Nickelodeon series, Unfabulous as well as guest starring on Disney shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.  Most viewers will know her from her as "Anna" in Season One of CW's The Vampire Diaries or as "Alice" in The Social Network (starring future Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg.) (imdb)

Jow will be playing "Linda Park."  Park is a well-known character in the Flash mythos.  She is a television reporter from Keystone City introduced prior to the New 52 during the Wally West era as Flash.  Her relationship with the speedster began somewhat confrontationally but the two warmed to each other and eventually became romantically involved.  She and Wally married in the comics and eventually h…

Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering Cara Delevingne For Role In SUICIDE SQUAD

Casting is underway for the next DC movie, Suicide Squad, and today we have another report to add to the pile. According to Latino-Review, Warner Bros. is "seriously looking at" Anna Karanina actress Cara Delevingne for a role in the David Ayer-directed supervillain team-up. This role is described as "the villainous female role," and Latino-Review suggests that it might be Harley Quinn. Even though Quinn wasn't in Justin Marks' script, Ayer is rewriting it, so this character could possibly make the cut. Plus, Quinn has been heavily associated with the Suicide Squad recently - she's a member in both the New 52 and the Batman: Assault on Arkham animated movie, and she even made a cameo in the "Suicide Squad" episode of Arrow's second season. So, don't be surprised if Joker's infamous girlfriend makes an appearance.

Delevingne is also said to be in consideration for a part in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Ta…