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ARROW: Manu Bennett Open to More Deathstroke


GOTHAM: S1E2 'Selina Kyle' Review


First things first, the title of the episode is somewhat misleading as this episode doesn't deal primarily with the future Catwoman. In fact she is not even a main player in the episode. While it doesn't impact the story in any real way it does lead the viewer to assume that we are going to receive a bit more information on Selina, or 'Cat' as she refers to herself throughout. She finally speaks and we get a little of her character's take no crap personality but that's about it.
The episode deals with the abduction of street children by two genuinely creepy villains. We don't learn much about them, who they are or where they came from, we just know they are quirky and evil and have no qualms about snatching up homeless kids in their van. What we do learn about them and what is really quite intriguing is the name of their employer, The 'Dollmaker'. And while the vil…

New Trailer For GOTHAM Season One Offers First Looks At Arkham City, Victor Zsasz And More

Gotham officially made its premiere last week - you can check out our review of the pilot here - and with its second episode airing on Fox tonight, we have a new promo trailer (via Spoiler TV) teasing what to expect from other episodes this week. It offers our first glimpses at the likes of Sal Maroni and Arkham Asylum (and Arkham City!), and it reveals the presence of Victor Zsasz and a character who looks to be Professor Pyg. There is also a masked individual who many fans are speculating to be Scarecrow or Dollmaker. The trailer also teases developments for the series' main cast, particularly the uneasy partnership between Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Check the trailer out below, and stay tuned for more Gotham news as we have it.

ARROW News Bits: Title For Second Half Of THE FLASH Crossover, New Ra's al Ghul Details, Season 3 To Be More Grounded

This latest news round-up for Arrow offers some very interesting new details regarding the show's highly anticipated third season. First up, writer and executive producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that episode eight of the season, which is the second part of its crossover event with The Flash, will begin production on Monday. Its title is "The Brave and the Bold." This should be a very recognizable title to DC fans, as "The Brave and the Bold" was known as a team-up comic series. While the focus would sometimes be on Batman partnering with other heroes, the title has also starred The Flash and Green Lantern, with Green Arrow thrown into the mix from time to time. This is the perfect title for the second half of the Arrow/The Flash crossover, with the first part titled "Flash vs. Arrow." Both parts are expected to air in November.

Guggenheim has also appeared on KFI AM 640(via Comic Book Resources) to discuss what to expect from Arrow Season 3. Wh…


This fall's LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is looking to be one of the biggest DC video games to date. In addition to its wide array of characters, the game will offer DLCs based on Batman 66, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel and more. The fact that it features voicework by former Caped Crusader Adam West is another reason for fans to be excited. And now, we have another addition to the list. While this one will be exclusive to PlayStation players in Europe, it's easy for others to by psyched as well.

In a PlayStation blog post, LEGO Batman 3 director Arthur Parsons revealed the latest DLC for the game: Batman of the Future. Based on the animated series - which is more recognizably named Batman Beyond in the United States - this DLC allows you to play eight new characters. Terry McGinnis leads the pack as the new Batman, with retired Bruce Wayne and hound Ace backing him up. Beyond villains Blight, Inque and Bonk will be present, along with more iconic villains Mr. Freeze …

Y: THE LAST MAN Adaptation Dead Once More As Film Rights Revert To Creator

New Line Cinema had been planning a film iteration of the acclaimed Vertigo series Y: The Last Man for several years. Disturbia director D.J. Caruso and screenwriter Carl Ellsworth were planning to unite for the big screen adaptation, which was set to be produced by Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer. Eventually, however, this incarnation fell apart. But in 2012, New Line hired a new team of writers to take another crack at the graphic novel, and it hired short film director Dan Trachtenberg to helm the project a year later. Since then, we've heard very little beyond the news that production would have to start soon or the film rights would revert. And it turns out that's exactly what happened.

Speaking with /Film, Trachtenberg confirmed that the film rights for Y: The Last Man have reverted back to creators Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. This definitively cancels New Line's long in-development adaptation. "The rights reverted back to Brian quite a few months ago. 

FEATURE: Five Actors Who Should Be Considered To Play SHAZAM

After years of development, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema's Shazam movie was finally confirmed to be moving forward this year. The DC adaptation will be written by Turbo scribe Darren Lemke, with wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson set to play villain/antihero Black Adam, a casting move that he and the fans have wanted for a long time. It's currently unclear whether this film will be its own thing or a part of the DC Cinematic Universe, but don't be surprised if they integrate Shazam into the world of Justice League eventually. The Rock's passion for this project has been evident for years, and even though he isn't playing the lead role, he will still be a huge draw for this superhero tale. The next big question, however, is who will be playing Shazam himself, formerly named Captain Marvel. This iconic character requires an actor who possessed considerable charisma and physicality to rival Johnson's Black Adam, and he must be able to pull off the role of a…

Stephen Amell Teases ARROW/THE FLASH Crossover With Leggy Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Filming is now underway on the crossover episodes for The CW's two DC television shows, Arrow and The Flash. The two will meet up in the eighth episodes of each series later this year, with the Flash episode titled "Flash vs. Arrow." Few plot details for the crossover are known, but the Arrow episode, which is currently untitled, will feature actor Nick Tarabay as key Flash villain Captain Boomerang. And now, we have a new teaser that should excite fans who are looking forward to seeing the two heroes side-by-side.

Stephen Amell shared the following behind-the-scenes picture on his Twitter page, following filming with Grant Gustin. While the image isn't that revealing, it shows off the legs of both Arrow and Flash, teasing what the eventual first look at the two in full would be like. While we wait for the Justice League movie in a couple years - which, by the way, will be totally unrelated to the CW universe - this crossover between the current TV incarnations of G…

CW President Doesn't Rule Out TNT's TITANS Existing In The ARROW And FLASH Universe

Even though DC Entertainment has been developing a number of new television shows recently, few of them will actually exist in the same universe. The CW is building its take on the DCU with Arrow and The Flash, while NBC is exploring the supernatural world with Constantine. Then there's Fox's recently debuted Gotham, CBS' Supergirl and TNT's Titans, among others. While some of these shows are definitely not crossing over with the Cinematic Universe, many of them are probably not going to cross over with themselves. However, it looks like one of these shows might just co-exist with Stephen Amell's Arrow and Grant Gustin's Flash.

Speaking with Adweekfor an article about DC's growing presence on television, The CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed that it's possible TNT's Titans series, which will consist of Nightwing, Raven, Starfire and more, "might" be included in the world of Arrow and The Flash. "What you’ll see embedded in Flash an…

Review: GOTHAM S1E1 "Pilot" by SonofArrogance

MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of the prequel genre, be they movies or TV shows. In my opinion they rarely add to the stories that they are foretelling. A lot of the time they simply serve to remove the mystique of the originals and there have been plenty of examples of this. Usually imagining what happened before is much more interesting than having it played out before you. I never seems as good as you imagined it would be. But there is an example of a prequel that makes the concept work, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The reason why Sergio Leone's masterpiece works as a prequel is that it doesn't focus on the protagonist of the previous movies but on a new character Eli Wallach's Tuco and has the story of Eastwood's the Man with no Name play out in the background. It simultaneously tells a new story and fleshes out the mythos of the old. And it works. And that is why in my opinion Gotham works. Like the iconic western it's a ba…

Harry Lennix Calls BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE A "Historic Event" And Teases THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Influence

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix made his legendary announcement that Batman and Superman will share the big screen for the first time in the sequel, now titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since then, it has been clear that the film will be influenced by the iconic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, which pitted the two iconic heroes in an epic brawl. Footage from the Justice League prequel shown at this year's Comic-Con teased a big screen iteration of that very scene, with Batman wearing an armored suit that looked just like the comic version.

While we wait for more official news on the movie, we have a new interview with Lennix. Speaking with Moviefonewhile promoting season two of The Blacklist, the General Swanwick actor is unsurprisingly asked about Batman v Superman. And even less surprisingly, he remained mum on specifics. However, he does offer a handful of interested teases, reaffirming that fans of Frank Miller's iconic g…

GOTHAM Creator Talks Potential DC Universe Crossovers And Bringing In The Joker

The first new DC television series of the season, Gotham, finally makes its highly anticipated premiere tonight on Fox. The show offers a new take on the Batman mythology, focusing on a younger James Gordon as he and Harvey Bullock combat the criminal threats in Gotham City. Key characters include Oswald Cobblepot and Carmine Falcone, as well as younger iterations of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. This series has generated a lot of hype, with TCA voting it the most promising new show of 2014. So tonight, we will learn if the pilot episode lives up to the anticipation.

In the meantime, we have a new interview with Gotham creator and writer Bruno Heller. Speaking with Digital Spy, Heller touches on several topics. One of these is the possibility of Gotham crossing over with any of DC Entertainment's other shows. Of course, with these shows at other networks - Arrow and The Flash on The CW, Constantine on NBC, etc. - such crossovers are unlikely. Then there's the Batman prequel be…

Possible Details On Aquaman's Appearance And Introduction In BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

While Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm it, Aquaman is almost definitely appearing in a minor role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, played by Jason Momoa. His appearance in this movie is expected to be brief and will set up a larger role in the Justice League film, which is expected to be released in 2017 or 2018. Past rumors have suggested that in Batman v Superman, Aquaman will be upset with Superman for the damage the World Engine caused to the oceans in Man of Steel. And now, we have another report revealing how Aquaman may have been established even before Dawn of Justice, and it also offers potential details on his design in the movie.
According to Schmoes Know, Momoa's Aquaman will look like "a surfer essentially with tribal tattoos and all that jazz." No other details are given, but this description isn't all that shocking, if not vague. The site's next tidbit is much more interesting, however. 
Apparently, after Clark Kent saved the men o…

Breaking: END OF WATCH Director David Ayer Circling Warner Bros. And DC's SUICIDE SQUAD Movie

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have been developing a Suicide Squad film for years. Back in 2011, Justin Marks was hired to pen the script for the action thriller, which would bring together some of DC's lesser known supervillains for a government-sponsored team. However, the movie adaptation was more recently put on hold as WB placed more focus on developing Justice League. With plenty of bigger fish to fry at DC, many didn't expect the Suicide Squad to assemble on the big screen anytime soon. But a major new development suggests otherwise.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. is considering End of Watch and Sabotage director David Ayer to helm Suicide Squad. While the site is unsure of how far along the negotiation process is, Ayer is the studio's top choice for the job. And that should be clear, given the director's gritty filmography. Dan Lin serves as a producer for the DC adaptation.

Even though A-list DC villains such as Lex Luthor and Joker are not expected t…

CBS Orders SUPERGIRL Television Series; New Plot Details Revealed

A couple weeks ago, it was confirmed that a live action Supergirl television series was in development, with Arrow and The Flash's Greg Berlanti executive producing. Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment began pitching the potential show to networks this week, and it didn't take long at all for Kara Zor-El's latest small screen venture to find a home.

It has been announced that CBS has picked up Supergirl with a series commitment, which is said to be even larger than Fox's commitment to Gotham. CBS closed this deal last night, one day after WB started to pitched the series to networks. It has also been affirmed that the show, which will be written by Berlanti and Ali Adler, will focus on the Kara Zor-El version of Supergirl, and it will begin with her using her powers. DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns is also said to be "closely" involved. And contrary to prior reports, TV Linehas confirmed that the potential series WILL be titled Supergirl.

We also have a …

Machinima To Air Animated Companion Series For JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS Movie

While two of DC's three animated films for 2015 - Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and Batman vs. Robin - share the universe created by Justice League: War, the third one will be a standalone movie. Justice League: Gods and Monsters will be produced by DC Animated Universe mastermind Bruce Timm, who also developed the original story and many character designs. And now, to mark Warner Bros.' first project from its recently established digital content production unit, a companion series will debut before the anticipated movie.

Via Variety, Machinima has acquired the rights to premiere Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, a three-part series that marks the website's first collaboration with Warner Bros. It will launch in Spring 2015, a few weeks before the movie's release. Hinting at the Gods and Monsters feature's storyline, Chronicles will focus on "a newly conceived reality in the DC universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder…

ARROW Season 3 Poster Assembles Team Arrow

As we get closer to the October 8th return of Arrow, The CW has finally released the official poster for the series' highly anticipated third season. Noticeably darker than one-sheets for the past two seasons, the Season 3 key art assembles the five members of Team Arrow: Roy Harper/Arsenal (Colton Haynes), Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett-Rickards), John Diggle (David Ramsey), new member Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), and of course, Oliver Queen/Arrow (Stephen Amell) himself. With the inclusion of DC characters such as Ray Palmer, Wildcat and big bad Ra's al Ghul, this season promises to be another exciting installment of the excellent DC series. Check out the poster below, and stay tuned for more Arrow news as we have it.

ARROW Casts SPARTACUS Actor Nick Tarabay As Flash Villain Captain Boomerang

Since its first season, The CW's Arrow has been known for casting actors from the Spartacus series in key roles. Manu Bennett plays season two villain Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Katrina Law plays Nyssa, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson plays former A.R.G.U.S. leader Amanda Waller. We can now add another name to the list, and this one should please fans of The Flash.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Spartacus and Star Trek Into Darkness actor Nick Tarabay has been cast as none other than Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang. This villain is one of The Flash's most well-known adversaries, and he has also served as a member of the Suicide Squad, both of whom debuted on Arrow last season. This iteration of Harkness is described as "a former A.R.G.U.S operative, highly skilled in martial arts and espionage, with a deadly thirst for vengeance against his former employers." 

Captain Boomerang first appears in episode seven of Arrow Season 3, …

Fox Orders Pilot For Television Series Based On DC/Vertigo Character LUCIFER

For the past year, DC Entertainment has been heavily expanding its presence on television. In addition to the returning Arrow, new shows The Flash, Gotham and Constantine will premiere this fall. Meanwhile, Vertigo title iZombie will debut on The CW early next year. In addition, DC recently began shopping a Supergirl series to networks, while TNT has ordered a Titans show starring Nightwing and the [Teen] Titans. And now, Fox, the network behind Gotham, is looking to add yet another character into the mix

According to Deadline, Fox has placed a put pilot commitment for Lucifer, a series based on the DC/Vertigo character of the same name. This character appeared in the acclaimed Sandman comic before being spun off into his own series. The potential television show will be written and executive produced by Californication creator Tom Kapinos. This iteration of Lucifer is described as one "who, bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for t…

CW's THE FLASH Sets Amanda Pays To Reprise Tina McGee Role From 1990 Series

One of the most exciting additions to the cast of The CW's The Flash was John Wesley Shipp, who played the Scarlet Speedster in the early 1990s series. In this new series, the former Flash plays Henry Allen, the father of Grant Gustin's Barry who is wrongly accused of murdering his wife, Nora. Henry will recur throughout the series. And now, the Arrow spin-off has added another actor from The Flash's originalshow, and it may serve as even more nostalgia for fans.

According to Variety, actress Amanda Pays is set to play Dr. Tina McGee, a character she played in the 1990s Flash series. In that show, McGee was Barry Allen's love interest and ally. In the CW-verse, however, the scientist will serve as an employee for a "rival tech firm" to S.T.A.R. Labs. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say about bringing Pays into this version of The Flash. "When we decided to bring Tina onto our version of ‘The Flash,’ who better to get than the amazing act…

Ben Affleck Talks Sharing The Trait Of Rage With Batman And Signing On For BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

Ben Affleck has not talked much about playing the Dark Knight in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is unsurprising due to the expected secretive nature of DC's films. But with his new film Gone Girl being released next month, he will surely be asked a number of questions during the press tour. And inevitably, The Sunday Times(via spoke with Affleck about portraying Batman.

When asked why he decided to accept the offer to join Batman v Superman, Affleck said, "To get the exposure to a movie of this scale is an education." While the actor has prior comic book movie experience with Daredevil, Dawn of Justice will by far be his biggest film to date. Affleck also implies that playing Batman may accelerate development on some of his personal directing projects.

The acclaimed actor-director also reveals that one characteristic he shares with Batman is anger/rage, hinting at his take on the iconic character. "I think it’s a necessity, hist…