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First Look At Grant Gustin As THE FLASH In The CW's Upcoming Pilot

After much anticipation, we finally have an official glimpse of Grant Gustin suited up as The Flash in The CW's Arrow spin-off. While it isn't a full bodyshot, the following first-look image offers a good shot of Barry Allen's headgear as the Scarlet Speedster. As expected, it's a great modern reinvention of the mask donned by The Flash in the comics, and it increases anticipation for a shot of the suit in its entirety.

The Flash costume was designed by Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood, who previously worked on Alice in Wonderland and Snow White & The Huntsman. She was also behind the design of The Arrow's costume for Arrow. It has also been confirmed that the pilot will begin production next week. And if ordered to series, The Flash will debut on The CW next fall.

The Flash also stars Candice Patton as Iris West, Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, Tom Cavanagh as H…

Video: How BATMAN BEGINS Should Have Ended

The guys at How It Should Have Ended are back, and after creating parody videos for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, they finish the trilogy with Batman Begins. Their latest video offers a much simpler resolution to Batman defeating Ra's al Ghul, and continues to showcase the Dark Knight's massive ego. It also shows scenes from both the "Super Cafe" with Batman and Superman, and the recently introduced "Villain's Pub" with Batman's foes. Needless to say, it's yet another winner for HISHE. You can head over to their channel to watch more of their work, taking on blockbusters such as Man of Steel, The Avengers, Pacific Rim, and much, much more.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN News Bits: Kevin Spacey Comments On Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor; Another Wonder Woman Gym Selfie

While we wait for the next big Batman vs. Superman announcement, we have a handful of news tidbits regarding the hotly anticipated film. Speaking with Empire Online, former Lex Luthor Kevin Spacey - who played the Man of Steel's arch nemesis in 2006's Superman Returns - shared his thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg taking over the role. "First of all, I think [Jesse Eisenberg] is a remarkable actor. He's just going to [bleep]ing own it. I think it's a great idea and I wish him the best with it." He then goes on to talk about exploring "different terrain", and wanting to work with directors such as Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. 
While many fans have wanted Spacey to play Luthor before Superman Returns, it's commonly agreed that he was not given the proper material to play a truly great take on the character. You can thank the movie's being as close to the Christopher Reeve era as possible for that.
In other Batman vs. Superman news, Gal Gadot po…

Promo For ARROW S2E15 "The Promise" + Images And Synopsis For S2E16 "Suicide Squad"

Last night's episode of Arrow ended on a pulse-pounding note, as (SPOILERS, obviously) Oliver Queen finally discovered that Slade Wilson is alive - and in Starling City. Next week's episode, "The Promise", will explore this shock to Oliver in more detail. However, the majority of the episode will be island flashbacks. Star Stephen Amell has called this episode the best of the series, and judging from the extended promo below, it's easy to see why.

March 19th's episode, "Suicide Squad", could be just as exciting, however. The CW has released new promotional images (via GreenArrowTV) of Amanda Waller and her Squad - Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and Shrapnel. The episode will focus on Diggle being recruited by ARGUS to complete a mission alongside the team. In addition to the images, we also have a synopsis for the episode, hinting at its plot. Stay tuned for more Arrow news as we have it.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Produced SANDMAN Adaptation Recruits Screenwriter Jack Thorne

We have an update on Warner Bros.' adaptation of the DC/Vertigo title Sandman. According to Deadline, How I Live Now scribe Jack Thorne will write the script, based on Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed series. Batman vs. Superman screenwriter David S. Goyer pitched the project  to WB, and will produce alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The plan is for The Dark Knight Rises actor to star in and potentially direct Sandman. Additionally, Gaiman is on board as an executive producer. 
The original story of Sandman focuses on Morpheus, "the personification of dreams. After being held captive 70 years, Morpheus escapes, gains revenge and rebuilds his crumbling kingdom while trying to adapt to the times." Stay tuned for more news on the film adaptation as we have it.

MAN OF STEEL Nominated For Two Saturn Awards; ARROW Up For "Best Youth-Oriented Television Series"

The nominations for the 40th Annual Saturn Awards have been announced. While Gravity and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug lead with eight nominations each, last summer's Man of Steel is up for two awards. The epic blockbuster, which paved the way for a long-awaited DC Cinematic Universe, is nominated for "Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture". Fellow 2013 comic book adaptations Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, and Thor: The Dark World are also contending for the award. 
Additionally, Dylan Sprayberry - who played a young Clark Kent in Man of Steel - is nominated for "Best Performance by a Younger Actor". Others up for that award include Ty Simpkins (Iron Man 3), Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game), Chloe Grace Moretz (Carrie), Saoirse Ronan (How I Live Now), and Sophie Nelisse (The Book Thief). 
The other DC property present at the Saturn Awards is Arrow, The CW's excellent television series focusing on Green Arrow. The show is nominated for the "Best Youth-…

Air Date For ARROW Season 2 Finale Announced By The CW

The CW has announced the season finale dates for its current lineup, including Arrow. The final episode of the DC Comics series' second season will air on the network on Wednesday, May 14th. Star Stephen Amell recently said that this episode will be huge, and will feature a greater number of characters than other Arrow episodes. The likes of the Suicide Squad and Slade Wilson are expected to be involved. 
Of course, this won't be the end of Arrow, as The CW recently renewed it for a third season, which is expected to premiere next fall. The series returns from its Olympics hiatus tonight, with S2E14 "Time of Death". Stay tuned for more news as we have it. 

Video Games: New Teaser And Details For BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY DLC "Cold, Cold Heart"

After being teased earlier this year, we now have a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City story DLC. Titled "Cold, Cold Heart", the DLC will focus on the origin of Mr. Freeze. As well as the trailer, Warner Bros. has announced other details, including its release date, pricing, Batman's new gadgets, and more. Stay tuned for more major Arkham news as we have it.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today unveiled the first details for Cold, Cold Heart; the action-packed story add-on for Batman: Arkham Origins. In this extensive story add-on, players will unearth the tragic origin story of Mr.Freeze and learn how he earned his role as one of Batman’s arch nemeses. Cold, Cold Heart will be available for purchase on the PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE online entertainment network from Microsoft and Steam beginning April 22. This add-on pack will be available to players who have purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass and are connected to the Intern…

'Papa Midnite' Will Battle CONSTANTINE In NBC Series; New Details On Pilot's Setting

With Matt Ryan set to play the titular character, we have new details for NBC's Constantine pilot and potential series, which is eyeing a Fall 2014 premiere. Confirming what @HellblazerTV previously revealed, Bleeding Cool reports that Papa Midnite will recur as a villain, if the pilot is ordered to series. The pilot will give the character an origin subplot, before pitting him against John Constantine throughout the show. Midnite was previously played by Djimon Hounsou in the 2005 Constantine film.

Additionally, we have details on the pilot's setting. Constantine will take place "in and around" New York. There will also be scenes that occur in the Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, but unlike the comics' version, it will apparently also feature in New York rather than the UK. While that will be the primary setting of the pilot, other potential episodes will travel beyond New York. Finally, Bleeding Cool adds that we should expect a lot of familiar storylines and c…

Stephen Amell Teases ARROW Season 2 Finale; Slade Wilson Emerges In E15 "The Promise" Promo Images

Arrow makes its return this week with S2E14, "Time of Death". Speaking with TV Line, series star Stephen Amell confirms that the Slade Wilson/Brother Blood Mirakuru storyline will pop up again very soon. "You saw that Brother Blood was in cahoots with Slade Wilson and that their initial attempt to mass-produce the serum wasn’t successful. Slade said that he would get him another sample of the blood, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. But we are about to see that storyline jump right back into the mix." When asked if this will happen in this week's episode, Amell simply said that the ending will increase anticipation for the next episode, and praises Robert Knepper's performance as the Clock King. "The end of this next episode is one of our best in terms of, “Please let it be the following week right away!” And it’s actually funny, because I’m a big fan of Robert Knepper (who’s guest-starring as The Clock King), and as it turns out I didn’t actuall…

The CW's iZOMBIE Pilot Casts Three Roles; Michelle Harrison Joins THE FLASH As Nora Allen

L-R: Malcolm Goodwin, David Anders, Alexandra Krosney
The CW's adaptation of DC/Vertigo's iZombie has officially cast three of its leads. According to Deadline, Malcolm Goodwin (Breakout Kings), David Anders (Alias), and Alexandra Krosney (Last Man Standing) have joined the network's latest comic book pilot. Goodwin will play a police detective, while Anders plays the villain Blaine, who is described as "an entitled rich kid who bites off more than he can chew in the drug business." Krosney's character, Peyton, is the best friend and roommate of the yet-to-be-cast protagonist, Liv. Peyton is said to be "baffled by Liv’s recent behavior and feels like they’re drifting apart." More casting news is expected to come soon. iZombie is targeting a Fall 2014 debut.

We also have a new addition to the cast of The Flash, The CW's other high profile DC pilot. Deadline reports that Emily Owens, MD actress Michelle Harrison has joined the Arrow spin-off as No…

Michael Rosenbaum Comments On Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor And His Interest In Playing The Joker

Michael Rosenbaum is arguably best known for his memorable performance as Lex Luthor on Smallville. His take on the villain was so well-received, many fans wanted him to reprise the role in 2016's Batman vs. Superman. Of course, Jesse Eisenberg landed the coveted part instead. Speaking with Cinekatz, Rosenbaum shares his thoughts on The Social Network actor's casting, encouraging him to create his own incarnation of Luthor. "First off, I think he’s a really good actor. I don’t think he needs any advice from me, he’ll do his homework. Do it your way. I’m sure Zack [Snyder] has an idea. He cast you for reason. Jesse’s a good actor. He’ll do it his own way and that’s the best way. If you can do it your way, if you succeed or fail, you succeed because you are being original. If you’re trying to emulate someone, you’ll always be compared. That’s why I didn’t want to be compared during Smallville. I didn’t watch any of Gene Hackman as Lex. He’ll be fantastic. Great actor, no p…

FEATURE: Ten DC Characters Who Should Appear In THE FLASH TV Series

Not unlike Arrow, The CW's upcoming Flash spin-off is looking to showcase a number of fan-favorite DC characters. Alter egos for Vibe (Cisco Ramon), Reverse Flash (Eddie Thawne), and Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) are both set to appear as series regulars, while Hartley Rathaway (the civilian identity Pied Piper) will also feature. Of course, that's just the beginning, as The Flash will explore areas never before seen in the universe created by Arrow. Below, I've compiled a list of ten DC characters who should appear on The Flash at some point.

Captain Cold
Commonly considered one of Barry Allen's biggest foes, Captain Cold is a shoe-in for an appearance on The Flash sooner or later. A key member of the Rogues team, Leonard Snart has unique powers not unlike Batman's Mr. Freeze, and it would be interesting to see how it would work on television. Of course, with Caitlin Snow already being introduced, will the series feature two key villains with similar superpowers?
The …

Matt Ryan Set To Play John CONSTANTINE In NBC's Potential TV Series

Casting for NBC's Constantine pilot is officially underway, and we now know who will play John Constantine himself. According to Deadline, Welsh actor Matt Ryan (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Criminal Minds) has been cast as DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer in the potential television series. Constantine was previously played by Keanu Reeves in the 2005 film Constantine.
NBC's take on the character is described as "an enigmatic and irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of Constantine defending us against dark forces from beyond. John Constantine is described as a working-lass Londoner with rakish good looks, scruffy blond hair, deadpan humor, and signature trench coat, who has been studying the dark arts since he was a teenager. When the daughter of a late friend is targeted by demons, Constantine steps in to save her." The pilot was written by David S. Goyer (Batman vs. Superman) and Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist), …

Sequel To THE LEGO MOVIE Gets A Summer 2017 Release Date

This month saw the release of the brilliant animated film The LEGO Movie. The toy adaptation - which features DC superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Green Lantern - has already grossed over $200M worldwide, and its reception has been almost unanimously positive. So, it's unsurprising that a sequel would be announced sooner or later. And today, Warner Bros. has announced a release date for the follow-up: May 26th, 2017. There are currently plenty of open slots in the summer schedule that year, with Despicable Me 3 and untitled Marvel and Pixar films dated. The live action Justice League movie is also rumored to be making its long awaited debut that summer.
The untitled sequel to The LEGO Movie will be written by Jared Stern (Mr. Popper's Penguins) and Michelle Morgan (Girl Most Likely). It's unknown if directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord will return, as well as cast members such as Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnett. More details should be confirmed soon. …

Warner Bros. Executive Jon Berg Taking On "Supervisory" Role For Future DC Movies?

We have a tidbit of potential news regarding future DC Comics adaptations at Warner Bros. According to Deadline, following EVP Production Lynn Harris' departure, the studio is in the process of promoting executives Jon Berg and Courtenay Valenti to replace her. The site then reveals that Berg might be taking on a "supervisory role in DC Comics movie transfers." Could this role be having Berg as a Kevin Feige-type influence on creating a cohesive cinematic universe? It's unknown, but we should know more details on this move within the coming weeks. What do you think of Berg possibly overseeing upcoming DC films such as Justice League?

New SON OF BATMAN Image Featuring Batman And Damian Wayne

With Son of Batman set to hit DVD and Blu-Ray on May 6th, we should be seeing more from the animated feature within the coming weeks and months. Today, we have a new still image from the adaptation of Grant Morrison's "Batman and Son", and it features...well, Batman and son. The story follows Batman (Jason O'Mara) as he discovers that he has a son named Damian Wayne (Stuart Allen), who becomes the new Robin. Son of Batman also stars Morena Baccarin as Talia al Ghul, Giancarlo Esposito as Ra's al Ghul, David McCallum as Alfred Pennyworth, Xander Berkeley as Kirk Langstrom, Thomas Gibson as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Bruce Thomas as Jim Gordon, and Sean Maher as Dick Grayson. [Via @SuperPRGuy]

Zack Snyder Reportedly Met With Michael B. Jordan For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Role - Could It Be Cyborg?

Since his acclaimed performances in the likes of Chronicle and Fruitvale Station, actor Michael B. Jordan has been sought for multiple roles in big budget tentpoles. He met for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, and is said to be up for a part in the Independence Day sequel. Recently, it was confirmed that he will play Human Torch in next summer's Fantastic Four reboot. And now, he's linked to yet another potentially huge role.
According to Latino-Review, Jordan recently met with director Zack Snyder for a part in the Batman vs. Superman movie. The film is looking for a physically fit African-American actor in his early 20's. And while the role in the Man of Steel sequel is said to be small, it is one that will recur throughout the DC Cinematic Universe. Plus, the role will only require a couple days worth of shooting. It sounds like it could be one of the various Justice League cameos expected in the movie. 
Based on the details given, it's easy to assume that Jordan …

First Look At ARROW's Version Of The Suicide Squad

After being teased in Episode 12 of the season, the Suicide Squad will officially be formed in Arrow S2E16, titled "Suicide Squad". In the episode, Diggle (David Ramsey) is recruited to work alongside Deadshot (Michael Rowe) and other members of the Squad. Now, via Comic Book Resources, we have our first official look at the team. As expected, Deadshot and Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) are included, while Shrapnel (Sean Maher) returns from S2E10. The three villains are alongside Diggle, Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), and Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) in the following promo images. Check them out below, and stay tuned for more news as we have it.

New episodes of Arrow will resume airing on The CW next Wednesday. "Suicide Squad" premieres on March 19th.

SON OF BATMAN World Premiere Confirmed For WonderCon 2014

It was previously reported that DC's next animated feature, Son of Batman, will premiere at WonderCon Anaheim 2014. Previous titles such as Superman Unbound and Wonder Woman made their world premieres at the event in the past, making the Grant Morrison adaptation's inclusion unsurprising. Now, WonderCon has sent out a press release confirming the news, and offering more details on what to expect. It also confirms that Sean Maher is voicing Dick Grayson/Nightwing, as the actor previously said. Plus, Bruce Thomas - who played Batman in the Birds of Prey pilot and the "Batman OnStar" commercials - will voice Commissioner Jim Gordon. Check out the press release below, and stay tuned for more Son of Batman news as we have it.

The world is turned upside down when Batman—one of the world’s greatest superheroes—finds out he is a father in the newest DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Son of Batman. This all-new, PG-13-rated film will have its world premiere at WonderCon Ana…

GOTHAM: Jada Pinkett Smith Signed On To Play 'Fish Mooney' For One Season

It was announced this week that Jada Pinkett Smith has been cast as a villain in Fox's Batman prequel series Gotham. She will play Fish Mooney, the gangster boss of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Now, the singer-actress has commented on the news on her Facebook page (via Comic Book Therapy). In the post, she reveals that she is only signed on to the series for a year, and continues to praise the show's creative team. "Last night, I decided to accept the role of Fish Mooney, who is the sadistic villain in thee upcoming Batman prequel, Gotham, for Fox TV. I've committed to a year to work alongside a very talented cast, a super cool, creative and talented head writer and an extraordinary director. This going to be funnnnnn! Stay tuned:)" The one-year deal may be because Mooney could just be a one season villain. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.
Gotham also stars Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Sean Pertwe…

First Look At BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Costumes Now On Course For March Debut?

For months, there has been online chatter about when we will get our first look at the costumes worn by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Batman vs. Superman movie. It has been widely expected that the suits will be revealed around the time filming begins, which was originally set for February. Now, it looks like we have to wait a little longer to see these costumes.

Forbes and Batman-On-Film writer Mark Hughes recently said that the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman costumes will be unveiled very soon. However, he now states that, due to the production start date being pushed to March, the suits reveal has also been delayed a bit. He suggests the costumes will now be revealed in the second or third week of March, before or around the film begins shooting. Additionally, Hughes says that the Batman and Wonder Woman suits will be unveiled as magazine covers - but as official photo shoots, rather than mediocre Photoshopping. He didn't say anything about the "tweaked"…

Jada Pinkett Smith Joins GOTHAM Series As Oswald Cobblepot's Crime Boss 'Fish Mooney'

We have another casting announcement for Fox's Gotham, and this one is unexpected. The Batman prequel series has brought Jada Pinkett Smith (Madagascar, The Matrix sequels) on board as gangster boss Fish Mooney. The character is described as "a sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner. Wielding street smarts and the almost extra-sensory ability to read people, Fish is imposing and hotheaded — and not one to be crossed." She is the employer of psychopath Oswald Cobblepot, who will be played Robin Lord Taylor. Mooney will be a series regular role, and one of the show's big bads.
Smith is certainly an impressive addition to the already highly anticipated series. Gotham also stars Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, Zabryna Guevara as Captain Essen, and Erin Richards as Barbara Kean. The pilot is expected to premiere on Fox next fall. [Via TV Line]

Donal Logue Talks GOTHAM Setting, Playing Harvey Bullock, Conflicts With Jim Gordon And More

Last week saw a number of additions to the cast of Fox's Batman prequel series Gotham. One of these was confirmation of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, which was previously rumored. Now, speaking with The Nerd Repository, the Sons of Anarchy actor talks in detail about landing the role, the show's setting and timeframe, and much more. Firstly, he discusses the rumor of his being offered the role of Jim Gordon - a role recently filled by Ben McKenzie - as well as being up for Bullock and the talks he had about the show. "It’s funny because I don’t know how that went down. The truth is that I had met them a long time ago to talk to them about the project. All we had was a conversation, and it was funny when these rumors came out because they were unfounded in that Gordon was always supposed to younger and Bullock was older, so it was never a possibility for Gordon. Bullock was a possibility, but it was part of this vague conversation, and there never was an offer or somethi…

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: Gal Gadot Teases Results Of Her Training For Wonder Woman

When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman a couple months ago, fans once again had complaints. Among the ludicrous complaints was the fact that the Fast & Furious 6 actress wasn't physically suited for Diana of Themiscyra. Fortunately (and obviously), Gadot was immediately put into a rigorous training regime. Director Zack Snyder is known for getting his actors into excellent shape - see 300 and Man of Steel - and he's doing the same thing with Batman vs. Superman.

Now, Gadot has posted the following image on her Facebook page, flexing her muscles following a workout. She writes, "There's nothing like a good workout in the morning.. Love it! You?" This should (hopefully) help silence the naysayers. Additionally, rumor has it that a first look at Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume - as well as Henry Cavill's new Superman suit and the hotly anticipated Batman garb donned by Ben Affleck - will arrive any day now. Stay tuned for that and m…

FEATURE: Ten More DC Characters Who Should Appear On ARROW

Arrow has been praised for its inclusion of many elements within the DC Universe beyond Green Arrow. From guest stars such as Barry Allen and Amanda Waller to mentions of Ra's al Ghul and the Suicide Squad, there is no shortage of easter eggs in the CW series. Now, with a third season officially on the way and plans for at least two more seasons following it, many fans have been speculating which other characters will make an appearance on the show. Below, I've listed ten characters who could feature on Arrow at some point. (Note: due to Batman's presence on the big screen and the planned Gotham series, characters such as Nightwing and Red Hood are unlikely to appear on Arrow. So, they and related characters are not included here.)

The Question
I'll get one of the most obvious choices out of the way. The Question has been a commonly suggested character for an appearance on Arrow, and it's not hard to see why. Vic Sage is an interesting character known for his detect…