THE FLASH Movie Eyeing 2021 Release After Latest Production Delay

Warner Bros.' The Flash movie has been delayed multiple times throughout its development, no matter how close it has gotten to production. Last we heard, directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein came on board, and production was on track to begin in early 2019. Well, the Fastest Man Alive is now continuing to take his time getting to theaters.

According to Variety, WB is pushing back The Flash's filming start date once again. Originally, the movie was eyeing a March start, but the studio wants to take more time to get the script right. But star Ezra Miller is shooting the third Fantastic Beasts movie in July 2019, creating a scheduling conflict.

So, The Flash is now set to start shooting in late 2019, for a potential 2021 release date. It was expected to hit sometime in 2020, alongside Birds of Prey and The Batman. However, we now have to wait another year to see this movie...until they delay it again, that is.

Hopefully, this is just a minor setback, and The Flash…

First Look at Superman's New Suit in Arrowverse "Elseworlds" BTS Photo

This year's Arrowverse crossover, titled "Elseworlds," is already a big deal by introducing Lois LaneBatwoman, and more characters. But perhaps most significantly, it marks the return of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to The CW. Green Arrow and Flash will finally get to meet the Man of Steel, and since these shows usually can't include DC's A-listers, this is a big deal.

Now, it looks like Superman will be sporting a new outfit for the event.

Arrow star Stephen Amell tweeted the following BTS photo, featuring him with Hoechlin and The Flash's Grant Gustin. In the photo, Hoechlin is wearing a black Superman suit, a stark contrast from his classic costume.
🤯🤯🤯 — Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) October 15, 2018
Superman's black suit is kind of a big deal. In the comics, he wore it after his resurrection in "Reign of the Supermen." He briefly wore the suit in Man of Steel during a nightmare sequence, and he was widely expect…

Why VENOM is the Best Comic Book Movie of 2018

This year has seen the release of several comic book movies. T'Challa defended his kingdom against Killmonger in Black Panther, Thanos took on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, the Merc with a Mouth met new friends in Deadpool 2, and the world's smallest heroes joined forces in Ant-Man and The Wasp. The latest movie is Sony's Venom, which intends to kick off a new franchise composed of the studio's Marvel characters.

Despite making a lot of money, Venom has been trashed by critics, receiving a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 35 on Metacritic. These are the worst reviews of any comic book movie that came out this year.

But today, in our 100% serious opinion piece, we're here to argue why Venom is not only an underrated masterpiece, but is the best comic book movie of 2018.

Compelling Character Drama
Few comic book movies handle character development so gracefully than Venom. The dynamic between Eddie Brock and the Symbiote is incredibly perfect. T…

DC UNIVERSE - Is It Worth It?

DC Universe is the one stop shop for all things in the world of DC Comics. Or at least it’s supposed to be. The streaming service has a ton of comics, movies, and shows that will make both old and new fans happy. That being said, it does suffer from a few major problems. Is it worth its lofty price tag or should you skip it entirely? We’ve pushed DCU to the brink this past month, making sure that it's worth every penny.

As of the writing of this review, DCU is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, IOS, Android devices, and of course worldwide web (assuming the US is the world). While that’s a solid list of options, it still is unavailable on game consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Amazon Devices, and Google Chromecast. It’s extremely concerning because Fire TV was promised to be available at launch and it's still not up and running. Google Chromecast is also a strange omission considering it's working on all Android devices.

So, if you do happen to have one o…

ARROW Promotes Kirk Acevedo to Series Regular for Season 7

Arrow is returning with its season seven premiere tomorrow night, but we have one last bit of major news surrounding the show's new year.

Kirk Acevedo, who plays villain Ricardo Diaz, has been upgraded to a series regular for season seven. Originally introduced as a supporting foe, Diaz revealed himself as the true big bad on Arrow last season. He orchestrated the dissolution of Team Arrow, killed Quentin Lance, and forced Oliver Queen to publicly out himself as the Green Arrow.

But in an unprecedented move for Arrow, Diaz will continue to antagonize our heroes beyond one season. Normally, the big bad is either killed or locked up, and the story moves on to the next villain. However, Diaz is still out there, and he will be bringing in the Longbow Hunters as backup.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Arrow returns on Monday, October 15th at 8 PM EST on The CW.

Source: GreenArrowTV

ARROW Star Stephen Amell Calls "Elseworlds" the Best Arrowverse Crossover Yet

This year's Arrowverse, titled "Elseworlds," will be a little smaller, having three shows instead of four. But, it will be a big deal. It will introduce Batwoman, Nora Fries, and Lois Lane to the Arrowverse, while Superman is set to return. Now, we have some more hints on what to expect, courtesy of Arrow star Stephen Amell.

During a Facebook Q&A session, Amell says that this crossover is "f***ing bananas," and he has some very, very high praise on what to expect. "I think that this will be the best crossover event that we do. And not just the best but the best by a really, really wide margin. And I think that last year was fantastic." Amell goes on to tease that we'll get some more news about "Elseworlds" in, within the next week soon.

Separately, in an interview with GreenArrowTV, Amell reaffirms that this will be a more character-driven crossover, which he was hoping for. "[For the crossovers] we would get bigger,…

VENOM Retains Box Office Crown in Second Weekend

Despite negative reviews from critics, Sony's Venom has proven to be a box office force to be reckoned with. It earned the biggest October opening in history, and it has held up in the days since. Now, its second weekend estimates are in.

Venom grossed an estimated $35.7 million this weekend, retaining the top spot. This is a 55% drop from its opening, which is on par with other modern comic book movies. This brings its domestic total to $142.8 million.

Overseas, Venom took in $69.7 million, bringing its international total to $235.3 million. Its combined worldwide gross is now $378.1 million. The movie had a production budget of just $100 million, not counting marketing costs. So, it's having no trouble turning a profit for Sony. This is also promising for future installments of Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC).

Stay tuned for more box office updates as we have them.

Source: Box Office Mojo

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5x01- "Nora"


Despite IRON FIST's Cancellation, Danny Rand Will Appear in Future Marvel Shows

Last night, it was announced that Netflix has cancelled Marvel's Iron Fist after two seasons. This marks the company's first cancellation of a Marvel series, all while the Disney Play streaming service is getting ready to launch. But keeping fans' hopes alive is the official statement, which says that the Iron Fist character will live on beyond the show. The original report also suggested that a revival on Disney Play may also be in consideration. But now, another report has more insight.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Finn Jones' Danny Rand will continue to be a part of Netflix's other shows. Exactly what this entails is uncertain. But Rand guest starred on Luke Cage last season, while he developed partnerships with Daredevil and Jessica Jones on The Defenders - the future of which, as of right now, is unclear. So, he could pop up on any of the other solo shows going on now. And despite Disney Play moving forward, Marvel intends to keep its current Netflix or…

Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be DC Universe's Next Live Action Series

After their first show, Titans, it’s time that we give the DC Universe its next project, Batman Beyond.

For those of you who don’t know, Batman Beyond is the sequel series to Batman: The Animated Series. It focuses on Terry McGinnis. The Batman of 2039 (the year changed constantly). Terry is a high school kid who happens to run into a now-retired Bruce Wayne. Taking place in Neo-Gotham, Terry, with the help of Bruce, becomes the Batman of a new age taking on a slew of new villains and even some old ones.

Batman Beyond is a cross between Spider-Man and Blade Runner. The future setting is something we haven’t seen in any live action DC property. Terry’s wit is also a welcome addition to the DC Universe. What made Batman Beyond special is that it took a classic concept and put a new spin on it, all while staying true to the spirit of the character. Bruce took in two kids in Dick Grayson and Tim Drake; so him taking on Terry was the next logical step. The reimagining of the Batman lore is…